Brett Favre and Jenn Sterger: Breaking Down the Scandal

Scott ReinkeContributor IOctober 21, 2010

Brett Favre and Jenn Sterger: Breaking Down the Scandal

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    There are plenty of reasons to question the validity of the Favre/Sterger scandal.  Here are some very valid points made by a great football mind, passed on to me.  Hopefully the NFL will wrap this up soon and we will all know the truth.  Until then, here are a few things to think about.

My Space?

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    First off. Myspace? Who uses Myspace anymore? A message from someone who claims to be Brett Favre doesn't necessarily mean it is Brett Favre. I'm friends on Facebook with "Brett Favre the Viking". Guess what?  It's not Brett Favre. The name of the person who sent the message to Jenn is "Screaming Lord Byron". It doesn't say,"Brett Favre" or even "this is really Brett Favre". Also, you can't even be sure the person who received the message is actually Jenn Sterger. 

Jets PR Person Giving Out Numbers?

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    Next is a message saying, "If you get this today and don't believe it Jared Winley works in PR for the jets and he will either slip you my # or ask for yours"

    Ok, so we are supposed to believe that a PR person who works for the Jets gives out Brett Favre's phone number to women who ask for it?  Think about this. If that is protocol, groupies all you have to do to get with a ball player is ask the PR guy for  their numbers. I'm guessing it doesn't work that way. Or maybe we are supposed to believe Brett would tell this Winley guy, "Jared, if Jenn Sterger asks for my number, it's ok to just give it to her". The NFL should just ask Winley if any of this happened, could probably end the investigation right there.

Voice mail #1

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    Voice mail #1 the Favre character asks Jenn to text him because he'd like to see her tonight and then something about Aaron giving her his number or her giving him (Aaron) her number to give to him (Favre). Simply, Why would Favre need to get Jenn's number if he's calling her? Wouldn't that mean he has her number? And why would there need to be a middle man anymore if he has her number and has a direct line of communication with her? Aaron and Jared could be left out of it. (I'm assuming it's "Aaron" because the Favre voice later refers to him as him)

    The next claim is that Jenn is approached by someone trying to hook her up with Favre and she declines and says if she got mixed up with someone like that she could end up in a garbage can. I have no idea what that is supposed to mean. Does she think Favre has mob connections? That would be a pretty big scandal too.

Voice Mail #2

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    Voicemail #2 references the garbage can thing. Then the Favre-voice says he'll try the other phone and she's probably "caller ID-ing" him. Now why would that be relevant? Think about it. Why would he feel road blocked by caller ID unless the number or name that came up wasn't Brett Favre? And why would he announce that since he thinks she isn't answering because she doesn't want to talk to him that she would suddenly want to talk to him on another number?   Why would she answer if he just announced he's calling the other number so she knows it's coming?

The Pictures

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    After that are the pictures. No face means they aren't real good proof of anything. If he did send them, why? What would make a person think that a girl who has rejected his advances would suddenly want to be with him if she sees what his penis looks like? Very strange.


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    I guess all these questions assume Brett Favre would be too smart to act like this. Since the person contacting the person who is supposed to be Jenn Sterger seems like a moron..... I don't know, it just doesn't seem like a slam dunk, clear cut, case of anything. I hope the investigation yields results.