Enough Already! Trade Brett Favre Now Or Make Him The Starter!

Connor Wildey@CW__10Correspondent IAugust 6, 2008

Brett Favre is one of if not the best quarterback of all-time and the team and city that he has played for his whole career, doesn't want him. They want to look to Aaron Rodgers, an unproven QB that has backed up Favre since 2005. I understand that they want to use Rodgers, but seriously let Favre play until he actually retires. How about let the Green Bay fans choose who they want as quarterback, a legend and icon in the state of Wisconsin and across the US or a guy who has sat on the bench and looked on as Favre broke records. Hmmmmm... I'll take the legend and see what he has left in the tank.

Last season, the Packers lost in the NFC Conference Championship to the red hot New York Giants who later went on to beat the undefeated Patriots in a wild super bowl. Who was the leader of the team and the reason the offense clicked? Brett Favre. He still had the arm last season, still was on top of his game, but retired because he was pressured by the media to do so. If he could take them to the NFC Championship game last season why wouldn't the Packers welcome him back in open arms? Why not let Favre finish off his career with a super bowl championship or a career ending injury? (that will be destined to happen with Favre on the Madden cover...)

If they aren't going to welcome him back like they should then they need to trade him ASAP. The preseason has already started and if Favre is going to take over as starter on another team he'll need time with his coaches, players, and a new playbook. So Green Bay make him starter or trade him, but give him a world class treatment. This guy will undoubtedly be the face of your organization forever.