David JacobsCorrespondent ISeptember 2, 2010

A bit late, but forgot to post it earlier, so here it is...

I'm well aware of the general consensus that Gallas is very unwanted at Spurs considering his background and what has gone on in that time. In his years at Chelsea and Arsenal, Gallas was notorious for his outbursts on and off the pitch, not to mention his emotional outpouring after the draw to Birmingham not so long ago. However, I must speak up for Redknapp and his decision to acquire him:

1) He's free!!!! - Fans can't say it's a waste of money because we haven't spent any transfer funds on him. I can think of players we've shelled out for who were overpriced *COUGHS* DARREN BENT *COUGHS* £16.5m *BRONCHITIS KICKS IN*.

All that needs to be paid is a rather modest £60k per week. As Harry correctly points out, Gallas could've gone to ANY club, but he wanted to stay in London and play for Spurs. He chose convenience over money. What if Gallas was another one of Harry's great deals where he spends little but the outcomes are big...

2) He's a great defender! - Gallas may have ruffled a few teammates' feathers in the past, but you don't become a team captain for sitting on your tush every week! Gallas became captain and was like that for two seasons until being stripped of the captaincy for creating tensions in the dressing room, but as far as leading a team goes, he led by example; defending while getting forward to score.

He is a solid center back and a frequent goalscorer (by defenders' standards) and has been that way in his time at both Chelsea and Arsenal. Just this past season, he formed a great partnership with the belting Belgian, Thomas Vermaelen. 

3) WE NEED HIM!!!!!!! - Jonathan Woodgate's career is heading towards a premature close unless his last roll of the dice—a full scale surgical operation—is a success.

I hardly remember how he played against Wigan, either due to it being ages ago or him not having to do much anyway. Assuming the worst (e.g. he doesn't come out of the operation in full working order), his career will be over and to me will feel like he's just died.

I know he isn't going to die, but his absence and potential career termination makes it seem that way and it's rather saddening if you ask me.

Harry is in desperate need of a center back and Manchester City have immaturely refused to do any deals with us for life so Micah Richards was held back from a move to us.

I'm not prepared to listen to fans saying ''It's because we're a top four rival and pipped them to it last year, so they won't want to sell us players''. Aston Villa are/were (depending on your viewpoint) also City's top four rival and they happily took Milner and gave Stephen Ireland to them in return.

Arsenal are a rival of ours and at least 10 players have made a switch between the two North London clubs.

Gallas was a realistic option and an easy one. No massive amount of travel required; he's free seeing as he ran out his contract. Imagine it, Gallas heading in a goal against Arsenal.
Mark my words, it will happen.

Hang on, I'll make you a deal: Favourite this article and then see how Gallas' time here pans out. If he doesn't score against Arsenal or put his full shift in as a defender for us, then you can insult me with comments as much as you like and I won't respond as I won't be able to argue when you say it was a bad move all along.

But if he does score against Arsenal and give good performances, then you'll all buy me a pint whenever we meet at a game,if we ever do.

What have we got to lose? Harry will put Gallas in his place if he plays up because unlike Wenger, he's not French.  When opportunity knocks, answer the f*cking door!


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