UFC 118 Aftermath: What's Next for the Losers?

Jon LeeCorrespondent ISeptember 2, 2010

PHILADELPHIA - AUGUST 08:  (Top) Lightweight champion BJ Penn battles Kenny Florian during their lightweight championship title bout at UFC 101: Declaration at the Wachovia Center on August 8, 2009 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images)
Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

As I wrap up my coverage of UFC 118 today, I want to take a look at what's next for the guys who didn't get it done on Saturday.

We'll get started with Marcus Davis. Davis is a fan favorite, and a perpetual candidate for Fight of The Night honors.  However, he's also undersized, and over the hill at age 37.

Before losing to Nate Diaz he beat Jonathan Goulet. Before beating Goulet he lost two in a row. If the UFC is not going to cut Davis, they should pit him against Phil Baroni to see which has been gets knocked out first. It'd be like the WAY less successful welterweight version of Chuck Lidell versus Rich Franklin.

Next up we have Mario Miranda, who took this fight on short notice and displayed impressive jujitsu to avoid being submitted when Damien Maia had him on the ground a lot. I'd like to see him again, perhaps against Ricardo Almeida (who is still listed as a middleweight on UFC.com before you comment, yelling he's a welterweight).

James Toney disgraced himself, didn't apologize, and I would imagine headed straight to the nearest all you can eat buffet, where he will remain. Don't expect Toney to ever fight in the UFC again.

Kenny Florian came up short yet again against Gray Maynard and looked to be affected with a little BJ Penn-itis. Penn-itis being a disease where a fighter looks disinterested and apathetic during the entire fight. His performance caused Dana White to remark that Florian "chokes" under pressure.

I don't know if it's mental or if it's just that his lack of athleticism shows against more elite fighters. Either way Florian didn't bring his best performance and was out-wrestled by Maynard, proving yet again that while Florian is top-five lightweight, he's not good enough to be a champion. I'd like to see him fight an up and comer like George Sotiropoulos. 

Last but certainly not least we have Baby Jay Penn. He was supposed to come into this fight focused. He was supposed to have finally put it altogether. A Motivated BJ Penn was supposed to be a dangerous BJ Penn. Instead Frankie Edgar gave him the business from the first round to the fifth. When Edgar slammed BJ in the first round the look on his face was priceless. When Frankie reversed him in the fourth, you could literally see BJ quit.

Much like Mark McGwire wasn't in front of Congress to discuss the past, I'm not here to discuss whether or not BJ Penn is overrated. Fact is Edgar is a BAD matchup for him. He's just too fast.

But it begs the question, what is next for BJ Penn?

I definitely don't think he's done by any stretch of the imagination. But he does need to make some changes. At the gym the other day, one of the guys I train with told me he didn't watch the fights because when he watched the Countdown show every time they showed BJ Penn he was jumping off of rocks in Hilo. And every time they showed Edgar he was training.

Penn needs to move to a more serious camp. Imagine what Greg Jackson could come up with in terms of a gameplan for Penn.

I also think the idea of him moving to welterweight is stupid. He's undersized as a welterweight and he's got no shot of winning the title at 170. He's a lightweight, and still an elite one I would add.

I think we should see a rematch between Penn and the suddenly resurgent Takanori Gomi.

That's going to wrap up my 118 Coverage and make me sad because it's the last time for a while I get to slam BJ Penn.

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