LSU's 2008-2009 Men's basketball schedule is going to be tough

Matthew SmithCorrespondent IAugust 6, 2008

LSU has release it's 2008-09 men's basketball schedule which includes a record 21 home games on the non-conference schedule.

Several times in the past LSU has had 18 home game, but with the addition of a round-robin tournament that takes place over two weekends LSU has added three extra games to the list.

The schedule is a tough one for first year coach Trent Johnson. The team is scheduled to play 13 teams that made the post season last year. 

The most notable non-conference teams are Xavier, who made the Elite 8, on January 24 and Washington State, who advanced to the Sweet 16, on December 27.

It also includes a neutral site game against Texas A&M in Houston

LSU's schedule also includes some tough SEC games, including:at Tennessee (Jan 28), at Georgia (Feb 4), at Arkansas (Feb 18), at Kentucky (Feb 28), and Florida (Feb 24).


With this schedule it will be a challenging year for the Tigers. However, I am still optimistic for the future of LSU basketball.

I can't wait to see LSU face-off with Xavier and Washington State so that it might be easier to tell just where this LSU team is headed.

If LSU can handle itself and start winning consistently then maybe, some day the Deaf Dome may return to its former glory.