Cowboys-Lions: Payback or Redemption?

Byron MotenCorrespondent IDecember 5, 2007

IconAfter beating the Dallas Cowboys last year at Texas Stadium, Jon Kitna went on a Seattle radio station and spoke some very harsh words about the Cowboys defense. 

He vocally called out Terrance Newman, saying Newman was not a proven cornerback in this league and was "no Marcus Trufant".

Kitna then called out LB Bradie James, saying his team had "left No. 56 confused on the field and out of sorts".

Newman and James found out about Kitna's comments, and seemed particularly offended by them. James told reporters that "I have some words for [Kitna], but I cant use them right now...He better look out for me, because I got something for him."

Newman recently said on a Sirius Radio show that Kitna's "mouth is writing a check that his a$$ cant cash...He better be looking out for me on Sunday. The league can fine me how much money they want. I don't care."

Kitna's comments have added some fuel to the dwindling fire of the Lions' season. They Lions have lost five in a row and WR Roy Williams may be out for the rest of the season. Mike Martz has completely thrown the running game away in Detroit, who is averaging only 77.2 yards a game on the ground, last in the league.  It has been a pass-first offense for the majority of the season.

IconThe Cowboys' defensive line will attempt to penetrate probably the weakest O-Line in the league when they face the Lions. Kitna has the been sacked more than any other quarterback this year, and I expect to see eight more sacks this Sunday.

Kitna is having the best year of his career. His QB rating of 87.8 is good for tenth in the league, and he has thrown for 15 TDs, 13 INTs and 3,157 yards. Hopefully, his career wont end after what the Cowboys defense does to him.

The Cowboys has much more on their minds right now—like clinching the NFC East and guaranteeing home-field advantage through the playoffs.  Tony Romo should improve his performance from last year's game, and Dallas will more likely be thinking about securing home field for than burying John Kitna under it.

It's gonna be a shootout in the first half. The Lions are great at home, and realize they have to score points early to beat the Cowboys. But without a running game, and stuck with a terrible secondary and offensive line, the Lions will be unable to carry out their attack for the rest of the game.

Calvin Johnson is glowing with talent. But he hasn't proven that he is a contributor on offense like Williams. Cowboys will have a field day running the ball and scoring off of play-action passes.

Their only worry will DE Shaun Rogers and the Lions' run defense. Teams have had trouble all year running the ball against Detroit—especially when Rogers is at his best.

But, when Rogers is struggling, his D-Line falls right behind him and the Lions collapse.

My Prediction: Cowboys, 38-21