US Open: Same Ol' Andy Roddick

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US Open: Same Ol' Andy Roddick
Al Bello/Getty Images

At some point, and that point may be now, we have to give up on waiting for Andy Roddick to turn the page and win a second major. This is a kid who turned 28 the other day and still lets his emotions get the best of him on the court. In a time when we see 2 of the best ever in Nadal and Federer who have shown to be class acts on the court, Andy has been unable to learn from the best.

Last night, a couple ticky tack foot fault calls really got Andy all flustered and again he began to berate the referee. We have seen Roger Federer go off on a ref in the past (see below) however Roger does it in a classier way, and most of the time ends up winning (although this example below is a time when he lost). For Roger, getting riled up doesn’t get the best of him like it does in Roddicks case.

We have seen Andy Roddick play a classic five setter at Wimbledon against Roger Federer, and we have seen him lose in the first and second round at the US Open in the last few years. Roddick is still, at 28, trying to learn who he is and become a consistent tennis player.

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