The Worst of Times: Top 10 Most Painful Miami Hurricane Defeats

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The Worst of Times: Top 10 Most Painful Miami Hurricane Defeats

Jack King once said,"few players [or fans] recall big [games] they have won, strange as it seems, but every player [or fan] can remember with remarkable accuracy the outstanding tough beats [and losses they have been a part of or witnessed]."

That quote perfectly captures how it feels to be a Miami Hurricanes fan.

During the past 25 years or so the University of Miami has enjoyed being the preeminent team in college football. They have won multiple National Titles and put together stretches of brilliance on the field.

Miami has trounced teams by 50 plus points. They have tormented the Florida State Seminoles by handing them nail biting losses. On several occasions they snatched victory from the jaws of defeat. Yet, despite all the wins it's the losses you always seem to remember.

These are defeats that stick with you for the rest of your life.

They serve as painful reminders of what could have or should have been but wasn't. The moments and plays you relive over and over in your head. You torture yourself with the what if this happened or what if that had occurred, constantly conceiving ways to rewrite history. All the while making the agony worse and worse.

Miami didn't lose much for an entire decade. This made the few losses that much harder to deal with.

As a result of their success between 1983 and 1993, Miami fans and members of the program had become incredibly spoiled. For some time they felt entitled as if it was their right to win a championship each and every year. Anything less never seemed to suffice or as Ricky Bobby would say "if you ain't first you're last."

The "championship or bust" mentality hasn't gone anywhere but the expectations did change for a while.

In the mid to late 1990s Miami began to lose its strangle hold on the trophy. The team was put on probation and losses became more frequent. Things had changed and the college football world was more balanced.

Then in 1999 the "U" was back. It was instantly back to the Miami fan of old. You know the pounding on your chest and screaming "King Kong ain't got nothing on" us.

Thus for the majority of the last two plus decades it has often seemed as if a Miami Hurricanes loss was a down right tragedy. It's made them hurt more. Often for good reason as for a while any and every Hurricane loss was another blown chance at adding to the trophy collection.

With that in mind we will now take a look at the "Top Ten" most painful losses in Miami Hurricanes football history.

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