Newspaper Beats Southampton's Photo Ban By Using Subbuteo

Daniel GoochAnalyst ISeptember 2, 2010

A cunning newspaper has found an ingenious way of celebrating Swindon's thrashing of a Southampton, by using Subbuteo!

Southampton has a crazy ban on photographers at their ground. Swindon's paper, The Advertiser had to try and figure out a way they could show the highlights for away games. 

Swindon won the Johnstone Paint Trophy game 3-0, which was a shame for the fans who didn't make the trip to the South coast.

The Advertiser's sports desk had a brainwave and went back to their youth.

Advertiser's sports writer, Andy Marshall said: "We were left unable to print images of the match unless we paid Southampton for their own copies.

"But, along with almost every paper, regional and national, across the country, we boycotted that idea and decided to come up with something original and innovative instead."

Then the ingenious idea popped into their heads.

"Several members of the sports desk raided their parents' attics and came up with quite a collection of items from the childhood game.

"After a quick paint job we were able to go back to our youths and recreate the key moments from the match."

As the press was unable to take pictures to use, Andy took pictures on his phone to make the Subbuteo re-enactments were as accurate as possible.

The Swindon Advertiser is not the only newspaper to find a way of  getting round the stupid ban.

A Plymouth paper made some "Roy of the Rovers" style cartoons of their game at Southampton, while the Bournemouth Echo reprinted some black and white photos from the 1920s when the teams met.

This ban has caused the national paper The Sun to make the decision not to mention the club in their paper. Instead Southampton is known as South Coast Club, check it out for yourself.