Arsenal Submit a Squad of 76 Players, Arsenal to Sign Messi?

John SmithCorrespondent ISeptember 2, 2010

SANTANDER, SPAIN - AUGUST 29:  Lionel Messi of Barcelona waits for play to resume during the La Liga match between Racing Santander and Barcelona at El Sardinero stadium on August 29, 2010 in Santander, Spain.  (Photo by Denis Doyle/Getty Images)
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Happy Birthday... Again

Ok so yesterday I shamefully wished myself Happy Birthday, and then shamefully realized that I had shamefully mis-dated my blog. Well not mis-dated so much as miss counted, it probably should have been quite obvious that if my blog was 1 year old it couldn´t be number day 365 of my blog, seeing as that would make my blog still 0 year(s) old... Anyone know the correct grammatical form of this, are you Zero YEAR or Zero YEARS old???

So yesterday I gave some shout outs to three big bloggers, who all expressed their appreciation in one form or another, with Jammers saying Thanks and Happy Birthday twice, LadyArse telling me she hadn´t read my blog but that it was nice to have her name mentioned anyway, and then the Arseblogger giving me a sneaky twitter tweet which immediately led to something like 45 new followers. Great stuff.

Although I think it would be nicer of JamRockRover to give me some of his fantasy points since I think I´m in about last place in his league of 700 or so... I´m bad.

Arsenal News

Enough self indulgence for the day. You´ve already all wished my Happy Birffday so there isn´t a need to dwell on that, and lets be honest, you guys are here to read MY blog not some other Arsehole´s bloggish ramblings.

So what have we got for you hear today?

Well I guess we can discussed some Arsenal-RELATED news since there isn´t a hell of a lot going on in our magical world of rainbows and gumdrops.

Arsenal-RELATED News - Hleb 

Alexandr Hleb (Gleb? Never got that one) has signed for Birmingham City showing his incredulous ambition and his willingness only to play for a Champions League Club... err...

This reminds me a bit of the transfer when Ljungberg said that he went to West Ham just to show Arsene Wenger that he could still play at the top level. That didn´t really work out very well for him.

While Hleb was a good player for us, his last season was the only real season where I had any time for him. That bastard just never wanted to shoot on goal, he was the most frustrating player I´ve ever seen, more so than Abou Diaby who twirls more than a tornado; more so than Bendtner with his pink boots, amazing hair, and über confidence. He seriously just REFUSED to shoot.

In his last season he started to come on a bit, and when he was moved behind the striker I think when Van Persie was injured he started to really play some ball, but he said that London was too cosmopolitan for a guy from a little fishing village so he moved to er.... Barcelona. Hmmmm??

This reminds me a bit of the time when Sol Campbell was let leave Arsenal for free so he could play on the continent before he retired and he ended up in Portsmouth on a million dollars-a-day contract which ultimately bankrupted the club.

Ok. so that last part is made up, but I just LOOOOVE saying A MILLION DOLLARS-A-DAY... Say it, you´ll feel like a MILLION BUCKS...

Ohhh, that´s a good one as well.


Speaking of Sol Campbell. He´s said he´ll never call time on his England career, and that he is still available for selection.

Frequent readers, or perhaps more appropriately, ANCIENT readers will know that I am a huge fan of Sol Campbell, he was my favorite Arsenal player for years. I love his no-nonsense attitude, and I´ve just never seen him beaten... I mean really beaten on a day.

Alan Shearer said he was the toughest opponent he ever played against, and I think on his day, there are not many people better than old Sol.

But that is exactly what he is now, Old Sol. He´s 35, and England´s back four are already old enough with Terrible and Franz Ferdindand. Then you´ve got guys like Gary Cahill or even Micah Richards (who looks like he´s finally decided on RB) coming through and you start to wonder how Sol would fit back into the England set up.

I mean England are going to qualify for the Euro´s... They always qualify for the Euros.... OOPS!

But seriously, I think that Players need to be brooded during qualification so that by the time the big tournament comes they are an excellent group of players who are at the top of their game, not just big names who are hanging on to their international careers.

For example, look at Germany, Ballack is fit again, playing again, but he didn´t get called up. Why not? Because he´s probably not going to be much help come 2012. So why would you continue to prolong his career when someone like Ozil, Toni Kroos, or Schweinsteiger can come in and do a good job?


Yesterday by 5p.m. Arsenal had to submit their squad for the season in accordance with the new Premier League rules regarding squad selection and their contrary-to-European-law insistence that eight of those squad players be home grown, which is a measure equivalent to a quantitative restriction on trade (potentially), as well as a disproportionate restriction on the free movement of workers.

But that legal talk is for another day. Furthermore, it´s all a bit theoretical since every team submitted said squad requirements without any problems.

Except for hilariously enough Spurs, who left Jonathan Woooooodsay out of the squad because he´s got Robinvanpersitis.

Arsenal hilariously can draw from a squad of 76 players because there is no limit of the amount of U21 players that you can field. So guys like Aaron Ramsey, Jack Wilshire, Kieran Gibbs, and Chesney don´t need to be included in said squad list... Amazing.

Here is the Squad, when you see a guy called Dmitri Alexandre, don´t worry, I think they just screwed up on the formatting and these are the first names for Bilong Song, or ALEX SONG.


In other news, I´m off to Emirates on the 20th of November to see the Gooners smash the Spuds into poisonous mash. Which if you eat, you talk like David Bentley, you grow Monkey ears like Gareth Bale, you get a gap in your teeth like Jermaine Defoe, and twitch like that WHEELING DEALING SON OF GUN!