The Magnificent Seven: The Most Important Players in NY Sports Today

Ronald MonestimeCorrespondent ISeptember 2, 2010

As the fiercest hurricane in twenty years prepares to slam the East Coast with winds in excess of 130 miles per hour, another storm is brewing which fans of the major professional sports leagues will embrace with open arms.

Between September 9 and October 26, the 2010 regular seasons for the National Football League (September 9) and the National Hockey League (October 7), as well as the 2010 postseason for Major League Baseball (October 6), will monopolize the airwaves with their respective opening acts.

However, on October 26, the ‘perfect storm’ ensues when the National Basketball Association lifts the curtain on a new season to give rise to that ecliptic moment on the calendar where sports fans can have their pick of meaningful games to watch, at home or in-person, among the four major sports in North America.

And with the steady approach of this annual confluence, player performance, prospectively and retrospectively, is broken down, dissected, and examined ad infinitum like at no other time during the year; especially in New York where the demands for success can overwhelm those with the strongest of resolves.

In light of this information, there’s no time like the present to enumerate the seven players in New York sports who had and/or will have the most significant impact on their teams as baseball’s postseason looms on the horizon and the NBA, the NFL and the NHL prepare for the dawn of their new seasons. One player per team will be named.

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