AUG. 7, 2008 An Exciting Date For Bears Fans

Kwonae McGeeCorrespondent IAugust 6, 2008

Kyle Orton gets the call for the first pre-season game against the Chiefs. I for one, can't wait to see if the Bears gamble on not going out and getting a quarterback will come back to haunt them. I wish the best for Kyle and Rex. I, like the rest of the Bears' fans, just want someone who won't kill our chances. I do think the Bears got a lot better in other areas, but the quarterback issue is still an issue. I can't really say if Kyle is better than Rex or vice versa. While Rex took us on a scary and disappointing, up and down roller coaster ride, he did score some points. Kyle Orton on the other hand, hasn't caused us any losses, and managed 10 wins, just had a problem punching it into the end zone. So it will be interesting to see which one of them will finally come into their own, and take the Bears to the level that escaped them last year. Or did the Bears set them-selves back by not trying to acquire a more suitable quarterback? Well today is the 6th of August, so tomorrow we will see. Before I close, I would just like to put it on the record that; even though I'm going to remain fair and unbiased about the quarterback derby, I am a Rex type of guy. Call me foolish or whatever, I think I know why Lovie hasn't just given up on Rex. There is definitely some potential in Rex. He's just afraid to get hit and get injured again because he knows that could be the end of him. He just needs to get over that fear.