Middle Tennessee State: Home of the Coolest Ideas

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Middle Tennessee State: Home of the Coolest Ideas
Chris Graythen/Getty Images

One thing is clear about Middle Tennessee State: those folks know how to market the hell out of their football program.

If you haven't seen the latest from the Blue Raiders then check this out. That's right, you can record yourself introducing the team as it runs onto the field.

Seriously, this is so cool!

Bradley Lambert, the athletic webmaster at MTSU, said the promotion has easily been one of the most popular he has seen in his time at the University.

"Fans have loved it, especially those that get creative and have fun with it," Lambert said. "We've done a few things like this in the past, but not one where the user actually gets to generate the content."

He said participation has been increasing, especially leading up to the season opener against the Big Ten's Minnesota in Murfreesboro, Tenn., Thursday night.

"When you're done, you can actually share your customized video with friends and family through Facebook or email. It will embed on your Facebook profile just like a YouTube video," Lambert said.

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