NXT Season 3: The Original Lineup

RiZESenior Writer ISeptember 2, 2010

NXT Season 3: The Original Lineup

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    I'm sure you all know by now, about the  all Divas NXT Season 3. Well the plan for this was just conceived a few weeks ago. With lower ratings than ECW, SyFy was ready to pull the plug on the show. But somehow they kept it alive & will be rushing through it before Smackdowns! debut on October 1st.


    Originally WWE had planed to have more male wrestlers from FCW compete. Those plans were dropped in favor of the Divas. It was an overall good decision, because the guys really needed more than a month to get over with WWE fans.

    Unlike the first two seasons, it would have been hard to just guess the Winner. These guys have great potential & if they are half the wrestlers I think they are, its only a matter of time before they are called up.


    That being said I bet you guys are wondering who I'm referring to, well first up meet...

Mason Ryan

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    Mason Ryan. I know what you guys are thinking. He looks an AWFUL lot like The Animal Batista. But Mason Ryan is his own man. He is a former UK Gladiator & bodybuilder. He was named Goliath on Gladiators after its revival in 2009. He is also the current FCW World Heavyweight Champion.


    Wanna know who he beat to win? The Most Charismatic guy on NXT Season 2, Alex Riley. He destroyed Riley, similar to Batista in his early WWE days. Before joining WWE the guy reportedly had over 100 matches overseas.

    Monster Heel, This guy has been on a rampage on FCW. 

    Can you imagine a guy like that squeezing you in the Torture Rack?

    I think Mason has a lot to improve on, but in time the guy maybe a suitable replacement for the Animal himself.

    Mason has already well liked by WWE Management. Ryan's push to receive the FCW Title confused Ryan himself. He even believed it was too early for his reign.

    Here's Ryan in work

Xavier Woods

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    Known as Consequences Creed in TNA, Xavier Woods has finally hit the big time. The guy has great in ring ability. He had been in TNA awhile before his release in March. TNA made the mistake of never giving this guy the X Division title.

    Woods won't go unnoticed in WWE, if he is half as good as he was in TNA. I was looking forward to see the fans reaction to him.

    He got over in TNA , it would've been the perfect chance to see what this guy can do. Unlike Ryan, Woods doesn't need much improvement.


    The Guy has been with four different promotions in the past & would have been a fan favorite on NXT.

    Only thing working against Woods, his size. From the previous seasons, the smallest superstar is usually the one with the worst record. Daniel Bryan never even won a match on NXT. 

    But Kaval's win last night proves there is hope for the "little man" in the WWE after all.

    Here's some of Woods work.

Bo Rotundo

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    If Bo Rotundo is anything like he father, IRS, or brother, Husky Harris, he can definitely make a quick impact on NXT. Husky Harris, in my opinion, was the most dominant wrestler on NXT.

    Bo has been the FCW Tag Team Champion with his brother on one occasion, & hold the third longest reign in it's history!

    I believe sooner or later, they will be the WWE Tag Team Champions. Whenever Husky resumes his place on the main roster, I believe he will align himself with Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre, to take out veterans like Christian & Matt Hardy.

    I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one noticing the brutal attacks on Christian & Matt lately. Drew even looked like he snapped Hardy's ankle.

                                                                                                             And who comes along for the ride? Little bro Bo.



Wes Brisco

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    Second Generation Star Wes Brisco. Son of wrestler Gerald Brisco. Unlike the other stars on this list, I have yet to see anything special from him. WWE considered him for a spot on NXT so the guy must have potential.

    I remember during the Attitude Era his father was comic relief for many fans including myself. Brisco & Pat Patterson acted as if they were "stooges" to Mr McMahon.


    Wes has some pretty solid in ring ability, but I am hoping to see his ability to cut promo's.

    Here's a match with Nexus Member Heath Slater.


Richie Steamboat

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    Richie Steamboat is the Son of the Dragon. Richie definitely has the potential to be a superstar. If he is anything like his father was, Richie definitely has potential to be a top face in the WWE. The Kid made his debut back in 2008.


    He is almost an mirror image of The Dragon himself. Richie's in ring ability is above average, & like Ryan he needs alot of improvement.


    But due to his background, Steamboat could've had a strong fan reaction. Another good plan is for Steamboat to try to gain some kind of revenge on the Nexus.

    I'm sure we all remember the beat down his father received a few weeks back at the hands of the Nexus. There was even some talk of having Steamboat come up to RAW for his revenge

    Though the plans never materialized, it would've have gave the Nexus some meaning. Because lately the angle has gotten BORING.