Could Matt Leinart Be a Mentor to Kurt Warner After All?

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Could Matt Leinart Be a Mentor to Kurt Warner After All?
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Everyone is jumping on the story of Matt Leinart being benched for Derek Anderson. Sure Anderson couldn't beat out Brady Quinn and was run out of Cleveland, but we still shouldn't hold that against Leinart (can you actually feel the sarcasm?)...

Leinart assumed he was finally going to be the "Man" in Arizona now that "Old Man River", the great Kurt Warner has finally retired from football. Leinart was poised to finally live up to his draft status and show everyone that he can be an NFL calibur quarterback.

Then came the 2010 preseason. After a 2009 season where Warner threw for 3,753 yards and 26 touchdowns, Leinart comes in and immediately plays average. His cautious play has earned him the nickname, "Captain Checkdown" as he always panics when he eyes a blitz package from opposing defenses.

Leinart's season isn't neccessarily ruined. Kurt Warner just signed on for the next taping of Dancing with the Stars...Warner wants to show the world that he isn't only an ex-jock and devoted Uber Christian, but wants to show his "fun" side as well...

Warner's luck strikes again! Didn't Matt Leinart take ballroom dancing during his final year at USC? I believe he signed up and danced with then girlfriend, Brynn Cameron.

I smell a scoop here! Maybe Leinart gives 'Ol Warner a call and trades his dancing knowledge for some more football school'in? Seems an even trade to me!

Stranger things have happened!


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