Smackdown! Superstar Injured: Out at Least Six Months

RiZESenior Writer ISeptember 1, 2010

Yes, the Straight Edge Society is officially over. With Serena's release last week, I wondered how the trio would continue on. I guess we will never find out. Joey Mercury will be undergoing surgery for a torn pectoral muscle this weekend. I'm sure you all noticed his arm being wrapped up lately.

The injury, which kept John Cena out of action for around four months, has a six-month recovery process.

Seems like Creative strikes again, because they have seemed to have ended the group entirely. Now, I'm not going to spoil it, but be sure to tune into Smackdown! this Friday.

Anyone else think Punk's better as a face? I mean the guy hasn't been doing too good since losing the World Title to Undertaker. Don't get me wrong, he is absolutely amazing on the mic as a heel. The in-ring ability seems to be declining. He doesn't even use the springboard clothesline anymore!

He has been jobbing a lot lately. Last time the guy picked up a credible win was against Kane before the Fatal Four pay-per-view. Even then, he botched the GTS twice! I can't stand the way he is being used lately.

The end of the SES was much needed, though I don't agree with Serena's release.

Thoughts on the premature end of the SES?