Kristin Cavallari Pics: The Hills Star Dating NFL QB Jay Cutler?

RM HeroldFeatured ColumnistSeptember 1, 2010

Kristin Cavallari Pics: The Hills Star Dating NFL QB Jay Cutler?

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    Kristin Cavallari is said to be dating quarterback Jay Cutler. This could be a good thing if you are:

    A) A Chicago Bears Fan -

    B) A fan of The Hills, her reality TV show -

    C) A fantasy guy crazier enough to draft Cutler early -

    D) Jay Cutler.

    There are other possible benefits that might come from this union as well.

First Of All The Story

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    Several sources are stating that the two have been seen together.

    The first sighting? At a Chicago bar.

    The two were allegedly sitting really close.

    Really close.

Perez Says It It so

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    Perez Hilton, who knows everything about Cavallari, says that she has family in Chicago.

    He also said that she and Cutler were spotted together at Angels and Kings nightclub, smooching like lovers.

Might This Be a Sign Of It Getting Serious?

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    There have also been reports that Cutler has met her mom.

    Not everyone gets to meet the moms.

This Could Be What Cutler Needs

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    A hot celeb girlfriend has helped many a football player lately.

    Look at Mark Sanchez and Meadow Soprano.

    Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian.

    Tony Romo and any number of women.

There Are Exceptions Though

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    Brian Urlacher was seen with Paris Hilton and ended up missing a whole season.

    And Kristin was also seeing Matt Leinart, so... it doesn't always work out.

Cutler Denies Denies Denies

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    Although the story is that they were kissy-face the whole night, Cutler says all he was doing was having dinner with her.

    Yeah, right.

Is a Happy Quarterback a Good Quarterback?

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    So, I have a draft tonight, does that mean I am picking Cutler?


    If he is around in the eleventh round and I can steal him, you better believe it.

    Then maybe I'll be as happy as Kristin is here.

He Needs a Change

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    So far this preseason Cutler, an interception machine in the past, has thrown two picks in the preseason.

    That's an, umm, improvement.

    Is it because of Kristin or Mike Martz?

Tough Question...

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    I'm thinking Kristin. But if she starts doing this at games...

Be Very Scared

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    And if she brings her dad with her everywhere as she cheers wildly, it could be trouble.

Good Luck, Jay!

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    I'm hoping love works out.