A new Legacy in WWE?

Matt GuyettContributor ISeptember 1, 2010

The following article an idea from my friend Haaris. 


The Idea he is pitching is the fact that last night on NXT the 2nd Season finale after Kaval (Senshi) won the competition, Alex Riley, Michael Mcgillicuddy and The Miz attacked Kaval. Now over the past 2 or 3 years we have seen the succesful stable ' The Legacy ' Which was based around 3 upcoming superstars trying to get the gold in WWE. The 3 superstars were, Randy Orton as the leader, Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase as his two students. 

Now this stable brung a lot of gold around the waists of the 3 superstars, The WWE Title, The World Tag Team titles, the stable was incredible. 3 Heels helping each other to get what they want, Great Gimmick!


You look at The Miz, he is the current, U.S Champion and holds the Money in the bank which basically is World title gold. How good has he been with Riley? Two heels with good mic skills I was suprised Riley didn't come 2nd. Of course The Miz would naturally be the leader due to his already impressive title history. 

2nd is Mr Alex Riley. Sly, Spiteful and Selfish this guy has the whole heel package needed here in the WWE to succeed. Has a funny side to him with the whole bully motto and a serious side to him where he destroys his opponents or cheats. He would be the Dibiase of this Stable. 


Which leads me to my third and final team member.... Mr Michael Mcgillicuddy. Unbeknownst to the WWE Universe Michael when in FCW served as a heel to the organisation but since being on NXT has grown into a face. But after the defeat by Kaval last night he showed us what type of superstar he can be finally showing character. The words ' The Genesis of Michael Mcgillicuddy ' rung in my ears like an Ipod and it certainly was the Genesis. It all started with the attack from behind on Kaval by the losing contestants and then the fun began for Mcgillicuddy. He sprung into character and with Riley and Miz decimated Kaval. Has the old wrestling style to him that his father could have planted upon him. Michael Mcgillicuddy = Cody Rhodes of Legacy. 


So now we see the members what could possibly be the future for this stable? Title reigns such as WWE Title for Miz, and the WWE Tag Team titles for Riley and Mcgillicuddy. History would be their goal to set here in WWE. I would love this stable to emerge but I doubt it will.

Thanks for reading.

If you have any views please comment. Thanks once again. Dedicated to Haaris.