2008 Oklahoma Football Preview: Running Backs

Burgess ShawCorrespondent IAugust 6, 2008

Practice has officially started for the Oklahoma Sooners. Only 3 1/2 weeks until the season opener vs. Chattanooga. Today's preview for the 2008 season is about OU's running backs and how will 2 different running backs will help the Sooners.

DeMarco Murray had a big season last year and expect him to start all the games. His speed and quickness is what scared defenses, if Murray ever had an open field, don't expect to catch him. Murray averaged 69.5 yds/gm and 13 td's last season. Since he is starting this year, expect those numbers to be bigger and better.

Of course DeMarco Murray isn't the only good running back for the Sooners. Expecting to split time with Murray is Chris Brown. Chris Brown is also quick, but more of a strong RB that will get that last push to get into the end zone. He averaged 68.6 yds/gm and 6 td's in 5 games last season. Since there are really only two RBs splitting up time, get ready for more touchdowns this season and help the Sooners in the red zone.

With DeMarco Murray and Chris Brown running on the ground, with the help of their big O-Line, the running game should be good for the Sooners. If both the run and pass to be good for OU, expect a lot of points to be scored this year and a lot of wins for the Sooners.