Josh Johnson Blanks Phils 8-0(2)

Michael MulraneyCorrespondent IAugust 6, 2008

Yes the actual box score may have read 8-2 but the Fightin' Phils scored two on a foul ball that was ruled a two-run-home run.  So in my eyes Johnson pitched flawlessly.

The Phils ran out Jamie Moyer who was 10-0 lifetime in ten starts against the Fish.  Yesterday was a bad day to pick his first loss.  Moyer was uncharacteristically wild hitting two batters and walking several more.  The Marlins had stopped flailing at the forty-five MPH junk Moyer throws up there.  Which made Moyer pitch over the plate which isn't his specialty with his BP fastball. 

Josh Johnson on the other hand was toying with the Phils hitters all night who were obviously over-matched by his fastball.  The Marlins had timely hitting and despite bonehead base running really took it to the Phils were at the end of the game Phils fans were thankful they can't run the bases.  Otherwise it would have been an embarrassing loss.  Not that getting your two runs on a foul ball isn't embarrassing. 

The Phils dropped a game to the Mets as well who managed to hold on by getting Aaron Heilman out of the game.  We can only hope that this isn't another typically Philly choke job.