BYU Runs For The Safety Of a Small Conference

Mike WalkerContributor ISeptember 1, 2010


WOW. BYU will now be battling with Saint Mary's College of California Gaels (enrollment 4,768) for conference supremacy! Also I'm sure your diving team appreciates being left out in the cold.


This move is a hardcore fail for BYU football. Either they will only get crap teams to schedule which means they will get no respect from the BCS (which they already dont) or they will get really good teams to schedule which means 7-5 seasons at best. If they think they are going to schedule 3-4 PAC-10 teams and then maybe Texas, and then Utah and a few crap teams and go undefeated? And in the BCS?! Open you eyes BYU fans. You were the 3rd best team in the MWC after TCU and Utah.


What BYU fans don't realize is that this move had more to do with distancing BYU from sports all together than it was for football. In fact BYU has been closer in the last 5 years to losing sports all together than ever. The board of regents have considered it. There are a few that have been pushing to delete sports all together like they did at BYU-Idaho because they think it distracts from education and BYU's missionary effort. Which is funny because if BYU didn't have a half decent football and basketball team then there would be even less people who care about BYU than there are now.


Now the mighty West Coast Conference reads like a list of liberal art schools. And they all have religious affiliation. Do you really think it was about sports or protecting BYU students from the chants of "F**k you BYU" ? So instead of letting your students grow beards and act like adults(sarcasm indented) and play real competition you rip the teams out of a good conference and put them into a religious conference where they will be the biggest school and can pick on the Catholics. Way to represent BYU.


Here is the mighty WCC!


Gonzaga University Bulldogs

Spokane, Washington 1887 Private/Catholic (Jesuit) 7,229 


Loyola Marymount University Lions

Los Angeles, California 1865 Private/Catholic (Jesuit) 8,972 


Pepperdine University Waves

Malibu, California 1937 Private/Church of Christ 6,053 


University of Portland Pilots

Portland, Oregon 1901 Private/Catholic (Holy Cross) 3,200 


Saint Mary's College of California Gaels

Moraga, California 1863 Private/Catholic (Christian Brothers) 


University of San Diego  Toreros

San Diego, California 1949 Private/Catholic (unaffiliated) 7,548 


University of San Francisco Dons

San Francisco, California 1855 Private/Catholic (Jesuit) 8,722 


Santa Clara University Broncos

Santa Clara, California 1851 Private/Catholic (Jesuit) 8,377 


Don't claim to be preaching football independence and dominance when what your really doing is running scared for the hills or in this case a little religious conference. If you want to kill sports then be open about it and just say we want athletics to have less importance at BYU.Makes me want to puke. Funny thing is BYU fans are such Kool-Aid drinkers none of them will even consider it what it athletics killing move.