Cleveland Cavaliers Players Could Be on the Slicing Block

Frankie AnetzbergerContributor IISeptember 1, 2010

It seems imminent that if the Cavaliers don't have a spectacular start to their season, select players will be looking for new teams.

Cleveland hasn't done a great job trying to replace LeBron, and in fact are starting to stack up like the 2008 Toronto Raptors with Anthony Parker, Jamario Moon, and Joey Graham.

Dan Gilbert always has high expectations for his team and now without some of his key players, the team looks to struggle in the upcoming season.

So how well do the the Cavaliers need to do to not dismantle their entire team?

Well, according to Cavaliers beat writer Brian Windhorst of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the team needs to be above .500 by February or players will be shipped out.

Now, as a Jamario Moon fan and blogger, this would mean a fourth different NBA team in four years. It would also be his 21st team overall in his globetrotting career.

Nothing new for Moon to move teams, but he hasn't been able to hold a team for more than a year and a half. And of the players mentioned in Windhorst's tweet, Moon would likely be one of the first to be placed on the trading block.

You also have to ask yourself if your Dan Gilbert if it's really possible for the Cavaliers to go above .500 with the squad they have right now. It's really not as bad as it looks.

Mo Williams is a proven all-star, Hickson is a player on the rise, Jamison performs well when he's not under pressure, and Anderson Varejao has always been solid.

I understand the Eastern Conference has gotten a lot better from last season, but if the Cavaliers play with some heart the should be able to secure a seventh or eighth seed in the East.

Now for Moon. Whether he starts is irrelevant, because I assume Coach Byron Scott will be switching the three-spot with a variety of players. He has started on decent teams before and has been able to hold his own.

He's not going to drop 20 points a game, but he is capable of producing a double-double or close to it on a daily basis, given enough playing time.

He started for a decent 2007 Raptors team that made the first round of the playoffs. Then in his short time with the Heat, he started and also made the first round.

In all honesty, if I were Coach Scott, I probably wouldn't start him either from the beginning, but if Joey Graham or Jamison don't fit the position, expect to see Moon fill the spot.

For Cleveland fans, I know it can't be real encouraging to see Jamario take LeBron's spot, but you have to use what you have available. Cavaliers fans also have to lower their expectations from previous years.

That doesn't mean lose all hope and be satisfied with a 25-win season, but we all know the Central division and Eastern Conference isn't a given anymore.

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