Jay Mariotti Doesn't Know Sports.

Ryan OlsonCorrespondent IAugust 6, 2008

You know there is a reason why I don't read the Chicago Sun-Times, and that reason is Jay Mariotti.

The man is one sided. He reminds me of the little kids in the neighborhood that when they said something wrong, they would not admit it, and would try to prove to everyone else how they were wrong. I honestly think Jay really needs to stop being a sports writer, and maybe work on something else like, the performing arts section.

Jay is a Cubs fan. I don't know why, but that's what he seems to have come off to be. Now I'm not writing this as an angered Sox fan seeking revenge. But I would say it would be a whole lot better to have a guy writing for Chicago that knows what he is talking about, and is a Chicago fan, rather than a one sided know it all. 

I am writing this because Jay doesn't know what he is talking about. Jay reminds me of a guy I grew up with who never played sports at a competitive level.  He tried but just got cut from the team at the second practice. Now what makes Jay and this guy so alike is that they know enough sports knowledge to get by. But there are things that go farther in sports then just knowledge of it.

I'm just saying if Jay thinks he can do a better job than some of the athletes he is criticizing, then why doesn't he do it. And until I'm proved wrong, I don't believe Jay has ever played a sport at a competitive level, ever in his life.

So what makes this guy the go to guy for sports criticizing, when the man obviously has never played a sport? So I am calling out Jay Mariotti.

"Jay please quit. You don't know sports, and you don't know what you're talking about."


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