What to watch for on opening weekend

Andrew TannerContributor IAugust 31, 2010

College Football will be kicking off this weekend and as the season kicks off there are a lot of games that I plan on watching. This Thursday I plan on watching Pittsburgh vs Utah and USC vs Hawaii. These games will be interesting match ups. Pittsburgh will be the favorite to win the Big East, but Utah has a very talented team. USC is trying to prove why students should still want to play for them while on a heavy probation and Hawaii is playing at home. In a way, this is USC's bowl game considering that teams who play at Hawaii get the extra game.

On Friday I plan on watching Arizona vs Toledo. Arizona will be the favorite to win, but I wouldn't bet on Arizona. I would take Toledo because Toledo has the offense to score a ton of points and Arizona doesn't have that great of a team.

On Saturday morning/afternoon we will be able to see Illinois vs Missouri and Colorado vs Colorado ST. These two games will feature very close games. Illinois vs Missouri is probably the best kept secret will be a back and forth game. Over in Mile High, the Buffs and Rams have been involved in what most people would call wars. If there is one game over in Denver to see every year in terms of college football it's Colorado vs Colorado ST. How could this not be seen in what is becoming one of the most popular sports town in the nation?

On Saturday afternoon there will be plenty of games to watch. New Mexico vs Oregon should be good. New Mexico's coach is on the hot seat and Oregon's coming into this season with a new quarterback. Why not see this game just to see if New Mexico could hang with Oregon for at least a half? Last year Wyoming was beating Texas at half. Purdue and Notre Dame should also be a good game. Purdue should have a talented offense this year and Notre Dame is coming in with a new system. Kentucky vs Louisville is always a high scoring affair and why should this year be any different? Connecticut at Michigan will be a good game. Rich Rodriguez is on the hot seat and UCONN has a good running game. Makes for a decent game in the big house. Oregon ST and TCU should be a really good game. TCU is coming into the year in the top ten and Oregon ST is favored to win the Pac Ten. Why not watch these two heads collide? On paper North Carolina should get pounced on by LSU. North Carolina has key defensive players suspended for this game. LSU will be trying to prove that they should be the favorite to win the SEC with Alabama rebuilding on defense. Something tells me that LSU will be making a statement this Saturday night. Wisconsin will be headed into the week on a high upset alert. UNLV has the type of offense that can score some points and Wisconsin will be trying to prove why they should be a title contender this year. Considering that the game will be in Vegas I'll have to take UNLV in what should be a close game.

Boise ST is returning 21 out of 22 starters and they won a BCS game last year. How could we not have them as the favorite to win the title this year? With many teams looking to answer questions before conference play begins Boise ST looks like they will be trying real hard to even make the news papers across the nation. Look for Boise ST and a top defense in Virginia Tech to have a war this Monday Night.

Other things that I want to see this weekend will be can Florida replace Tim Tebow, can Alabama replace a front seven that looked better than 94, and can Nebraska replace Mr. Su? I also want to know why Oklahoma was ranked so high after missing a bowl game and how Cincinnati will play with a new system against a talented Fresno ST. Finally, is East Carolina really building a football program?

We will all have to watch the opening weekend of college football to get a lot of questions answered about how each team looks. On paper it should be one of the best opening weekends in college football. I hope it is as exciting as it looks. I'm Andrew Tanner saying good bye and good night.