WWE NXT Season 3 Analyzed

John BetschelCorrespondent IISeptember 1, 2010

First off, before I start my article on season three of NXT I would like to congratulate Kaval for winning season two; he well deserved it and I'm happy that all his years of hard work have finally paid off.

Now on to the article.

WWE announced that season three will be an all-divas contest. This is a smart idea for WWE as they are lacking in the divas division, getting rid of one their top divas in Mickie James and with Beth Phoenix out with an ACL tear.

Also the recent letting go of Serena, another female who was a pretty decent wrestler and was also a big part of the SES.

Plus this will also give the divas something to do, as it seems wrestling isn't a big part of their reputation as of late. The best two female wrestlers they have are the ones the WWE won't push, Natalya and Gail Kim.

For some reason, they don't want to push Natalya as a wrestler, only as a valet, and Gail Kim is a former women’s champion and is forced into mediocre matches that mean nothing.

This is going to be a new refreshing way to pick a new diva though, instead of having a nationwide diva search like they used to.

One thing, I would like to know is why in the hell is Vickie Guerrero a WWE pro?

She is nowhere near a wrestler, just because her husband is a Hall of Famer does that really give her the right to coach a NXT rookie? I don't think so.

At Least with Lay-Cool they had been trained in the ring and are actual wrestlers.

What's Vickie Guerrero going to tell her rookie, Ok this is how you say EXCUSE ME and get people to hate you, this is how you botch a hog, I’m sorry, frog splash.

By the way though in case you didn't see the season two finale, her rookie is 6'9, this has to be one of the tallest women to ever wrestle. Let alone being taller than all the women she is taller that some of the guys.

Another diva rookie that caught my eye is Aksana, she is blonde, Lithuanian, gorgeous and reminds me exactly of Maryse as they have a lot in common. They're both blonde, foreign, and smoking hot.

Her pro is Goldust, which is good, he may be bizarre but he knows more about the WWE than any of the other pros, and if she heeds his advice and gets over with the fans, she could go far in this contest.

Another pro is Primo, I had actually thought he had been fired along with his brother Carlito.

Another terrible choice for a pro as he has done nothing much in his career and probably would've never made it up to the main roster if it wasn't for his brother.

Instead of Primo they should have had Chavo Guerrero, although he hasn't been used at all lately, he is an outstanding wrestler and knows a lot about the business.

But Primo’s rookie is a diva by the name of AJ Lee; she claims to represent "the nerds" she definitely has a look to her, and just from watching her promo she seemed to be a bit shy and had a innocent feel to her.

Kelly Kelly is another pro on NXT season three, another woman who can barely wrestle and just got put on the main roster because of her looks. And I wouldn't be surprised if her rookie can wrestle just as good as she can, if not better.

Her rookie's name is Naomi Knight, and I watched a little bit of a match between her and Serena for the FCW women’s championship and she didn't look too bad.

The Bella Twins are also pros and their rookie is former NXT announcer Jamie Keys; can't say too much about her since I haven't ever seen her wrestle, except she looked better before she dyed her hair blonde.

Last but not least we have Miss Alicia Fox, former Divas Champion, her rookie is Maxine. In my humble opinion she isn't that hot but her personality is very similar to Fox's.

She is sort of the female version of MVP when he first came to the WWE.

I’m sure season three will be interesting, as it will be interesting to see a woman almost seven feet tall wrestle especially with Vickie Guerrero as her pro.

Only time will tell whether NXT will continue to be a success, but one things certain there will be a new Diva in the WWE.