Houston Nutt avoids Predecessor's Mistake

Jordan TippittCorrespondent IAugust 6, 2008

Everyone points the obvious flaws of Ed Orgeron, like the inability to speak fluent English, not being able to recruit academically eligible players, and him just not having any ability as a head coach, but a very underrated mistake of Ed Orgeron was his guarantees of wins that never came.

Shortly after being hired Orgeron promised Ole Miss fans he would take them to the Sugar bowl in the next few years.  With these words Orgeron had the Rebels eating out of his hand (well those who understood him).  Shortly after the emotional high of a new coach wore off and Rebel fans slowly started to realize that the hire was a mistake.  Orgeron promised them wins but could only deliver three. 

On a normal new hire fans would be accepting of a rebuilding season, but because of the promises Orgeron made fans were expecting at least more wins than the previous season. 

Orgeron's empty promises eventually led to his downfall as the rebel head coach and Houston Nutt was hired as his replacement.  I have been watching all the press conferences and reading all his interviews looking for him to make the same mistake but he never did. 

Houston Nutt makes no promises for wins and is very realistic about the entire situation in oxford.  He says there are "holes" that still need to be filled and even admitted that Jevan Sneed threw several interceptions at his first practice.  

Houston Nutt is also very realistic about players such as Jerell Powe and Patrick Trahan.  He admits the need for the two players but admitted that they are both very behind the rest of the team. 

This approach from Houston Nutt is a very smart approach.  Making any promises is a gamble that if you lose could have very harsh consequences.  Just ask Ed Orgeron (who went from being an SEC head coach back to being a defensive line coordinator).