TNA IS JERICHO: Chris Jericho To TNA After Night Of Champions?

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TNA IS JERICHO: Chris Jericho To TNA After Night Of Champions?

 As we all heard on last night's 900th Raw Chris Jericho said that if he didn't win at Night Of Champions then he is out. At first I was skeptic when he said this because really what is Raw without Y2J.

Then I started thinking theres some really good wrestlers in that match and of course Sheamus can't win a clean match to save his life against above average wrestlers unless he is disqualified and automatically keeps the belt.

  So theres a very low chance Y2J will win the six-pack challenge. I don't think Chris is anywhere near retirement so if he does leave is it possible he could go to TNA?

  Can you imagine it again? Angle vs Jericho. I don't know about you but those were some good matces. If Chris were to go to TNA it would be the best jump of TNA's life.

 Of all the WWE wrestlers that converted, Christian, Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle to name a few Jericho would be without a doubt the biggest ever.

 So what do you think, if Y2J does lose at Night Of Champions could he jump to TNA?

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