How Fred Davis is Proving Himself to the Washington Redskins

Stephen AnglissAnalyst IAugust 6, 2008

Of all the draft picks the Redskins selected this year, none of them have raised more questions than Fred Davis.

Considering the fact that the Redskins already had a stud TE in Chris Cooley, Redskins Nation probably felt a little threatened. It was Jim Zorn who had to assure us that the new TE would help in two tight end packages and that was it.

Many gave a sigh of relief until minicamp came along and Fred Davis failed to show. When Redskin fans heard that Fred Davis slept in for practice, it made many think to themselves, "I knew their was something up with this guy, better keep an eye on him."

Those instincts were confirmed when we learned that Fred Davis also grew up a Dallas fan. Yet despite all the trials, Fred Davis is starting to earn his keep.

Ever since the sleep-in incident, Fred Davis has showed up to practice everyday on time and is the only uninjured rookie receiver on the roster (knock on wood). He also had a solid preseason, opening with some nice grabs that gave the Redskins the edge to win. The Antwan Randle-El TD was a result of a two TE formation Jim Zorn described in the beginning.

So has he made up for the rough start he had for the Redskins? Not quite, but he's getting there.

So far he's showed more than any other rookie WR so far. The fact that he has kept healthy is very promising. I don't think he'll ever replace Cooley but he will certainly help the offense this year. Fred Davis has only started to surprise.