Top Four Under-Rated Wrestlers Now

Matt OffermannCorrespondent IAugust 31, 2010

 Since I did the most over rated WWE stars I thought I would do the most under rated. The under rated wrestlers are the ones who have (or have previously but got dumped) the stuff to be great but are not being used right. I think you will agree with this list a little more than the last one, haha.

 4. Jack Swagger-- This is really a sad story. A classic case of " Hit it and Quit it". Swagger (to me) was a bad ass heel. In ECW he won the ECW Championship. He has won a Money In The Bank match at Wrestlemania, in which he used it to beat Chris Jericho on RAW for the World title. A great all-around guy who as of late has been chopped off the block and on WWE Superstars. WTF is up with that? Shaft extreme.

 3. Christian-- I personally think this guy should be number one but I dont wanna be biased. What makes this one so funny is the storyline leading up to where he is today. TNA used him as a main eventer and he was awsome. When he went to ECW he was a main eventer, and was awsome. Now hes on Smackdown , and hes not a main eventer, but is still awsome. I dont get why they dont use him like they could be. I know him and Vince might not see eye-to-eye but come on dude. In the words of his former self "that does NOT reek of awsomeness".

 2. Evan Bourne--  Now this guy is a badass, unlike his tag team partner in ROH lol, but really. Now he is being used as a person who lets a POS like Del Rio beat the crap out of him, he would own him. He even pinned the current WWE Champion Sheamus in a tag team match. He has beat Jericho and is a fan favorite. I dont know why the WWE keeps doing this to the good guys but gives people like " The Albino Warrior" Sheamus the title.

 1. Santino Marella-- Look at the picture. This is the look of a champion. I dont know why he is being the "funny guy", although when that chick blew him a kiss and he acted like it hit him was funny as hell, when he could be a serious contender. Good mic skills, funny as hell, great wrestling talent, I dont know what the WWE doesn't see in him. The uni-brow and the big akward russian friend is funny. I would love to see him go back to a heel and start winning singles and eventually gold because he deserves it.

 This one deserves some honorable mentions.

MVP--Dolph Ziggler--Heath Slater