14 Sports Figures I'd Rather See on Reality TV Other Than Chad Ochocinco

Christopher Chavez@@Chris_J_ChavezAnalyst IISeptember 17, 2010

14 Sports Figures I'd Rather See on Reality TV Other Than Chad Ochocinco

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    Chad Ochocinco is on television with his very own show. Everyone gets how funny and wacky things can be with Chad Ochocinco, but to tell you the truth there are other athletes that deserve their very own television show. 

    Athletes make casual appearances on shows like Pros vs. Joes and cameos on sitcoms. But athletes can also show their true colors on reality television. Why pay actors a ton of money when you can still get a great audience turnout with popular sports stars?

    Attention all television show producers and casting crews! Some of these athletes are looking for their very own television spot. Here are the ones Bleacher Report believes are the best. 

Ron Artest

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    Basketball All-Star, Rapper, Celebrity, all that is missing is a TV show.

    Ron Artest is deserving of one. Possibly a daytime talkshow during the offseason. He can be just like Dr. Phil as he knows about psychology since he thanked his psychologist on live television.

    Just think, people coming to see Ron Artest for their problems. It is Jerry Springer meets Dr. Phil meets Oprah. How?

    Dr. Phil - Psychology [Check]

    Jerry Springer - Fights (See Indiana days) [Check]

    Oprah - (Entertainment) [Check]

JaMarcus Russell

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    Title: Purple Drank Inception

    How did the JaMarcus Russell train derail? What caused him to gain so much weight? How did he get addicted to Purple Drank? The answer to all these questions is "Inception."

    The JaMarcus Russell television spot would have all these questions answered. I am pretty sure that this NFL quarterback lived a pretty odd life while he was on top of the Raider Nation. 

    His participation on a show like Survivor wouldn't be that bad either. It could actually get him back in shape, as he would starve for 39 days. 

Delonte West

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    Title: "You Head South, She Rides West"

    LeBron James pissed a lot of people off by heading to Miami. On his show "The Decision" he said that only one person knew about his choice before the show aired, that was his mother. Most likely her boyfriend, Delonte West, knew too.

    The show "You Head South, She Rides West" would be a VH1-like show where the relationship between LeBron James' mother and Delonte West is examined and viewed by many.

    There would be a great emphasis on the secret bedroom life between the two as a punch to the gut for the self-proclaimed King James.

    Dan Gilbert has not confirmed whether he would have a cameo on the show or a role in the production staff.  

    VH1 could also try and buy the rights to the television show name "How I Met Your Mother."

Bud Selig

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    Title: Undercover Boss

    The Florida Marlins owners have just recently been exposed as frauds. They fooled politicians and taxpayers, as they hid money for their new stadium scheduled to open in 2012. There were steroid abusers during the Bud Selig Era. Maybe it is time to have someone go undercover and take these things down at their roots. 

    Wouldn't a show with Bud Selig as a bat boy, general manager, trainer, or a minor league batter be interesting as he observes the game of baseball from within?

Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul, and Amare Stoudemire

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    Title: "I Love New York...Basketball"

    Chris Paul recently made a toast at Carmelo Anthony's wedding that he sees the New York Big Three of Paul, Anthony, and Amare Stoudemire defeating the Miami Heat for the title of best NBA Basketball team.

    The show "I Love New York...Basketball" would chronicle the Knicks and their attempts at getting the three together. 

    Challenges in the way include bidding wars with other teams, family moving issues, agents, and more! If the team gets together they would have to start training to beat the Heat. Those episodes of the show would have feuds with teammates and a murder at practice [SPOILER ALERT: ISAIAH THOMAS DIES]

    All in all, the show's finally is decided by the team's performance. The live finally is in fact on going with the Knicks in a possible playoff hunt. 

David Beckham

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    Title: America's Next Top Model (Male Edition)

    The show America's Next Top Model has been on the air for years. But it is a bunch of anemic women trying to vie for a title that will eventually just land them an advertisement or two in a magazine. It could be time for a male edition of the show.

    Not with pansies that take care of themselves like women, but vigorously trained men to show off sports uniforms and Hugo Boss suits. 

    Sound like someone? David Beckham is the one great athlete that knows the word fashion and what it looks like on the streets. 

    On the show, Beckham would put his contestants through difficult workouts and constant yelling. Beckham has the look of a coach and that could practically be his role on the show. He's coaching these men to become fashion and sports icons. 

    Picture Survivor on a runway!

Team Kobe and Shaq

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    Title: The Amazing Race

    There have been "Harlem Globetrotters" on the show that have made it very far. The show is about communication, travel, and how well you can get along with your partner. Just imagine how these two will get together!

    Kobe and Shaq have been a dynamic duo when it comes to talking about superstars getting along. One moment there is talk of a small fight. Then there are moments where they can be seen smiling and laughing together on the court. It is very confusing, but seems perfect for The Amazing Race.

Michael Vick

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    Title: The Dog Whisperer with Michael Vick

    On the Dog Whisperer, Michael Vick not only rehabs himself, but he rehabs dogs. The former star quarterback attempts to reach peace within himself and man's best friend. Through psychic communication and one-on-one contact, Vick hopes to try and become one with the dogs. 

    Vick was once on top of the world as an All-Star Quarterback. Then the dog fighting charges came and Vick was in trouble with the law. Michael Vick is a one-man wolf pack. On The Dog Whisperer with Michael Vick, the NFL quarterback attempts to have more companions in his wolf pack. 

Joey Chestnut

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    Title: The Dog Whisperer With Joey Chestnut

    Ok, so we have come up with another version of The Dog Whisperer, this time it will feature another athlete with another type of dog. Joey Chestnut will take us behind the scenes of his training for hot dog eating contests around the world as well as other foods. 

    The other concept that could be worked with is a show where Chestnut trains his next competitor and helps aspiring competitive eaters get their careers started. It is an interesting show. 

    The other option for Chestnut could be a season of Man vs. Food. He's a very flexible athlete that can be worked with on various concepts. 

Rex Ryan

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    Title: $h*! My Dad Says

    $#*! My Dad Says is a sitcom about to launch on CBS starring William Shatner. Judging by the title, a reality show can be created where the children of athletes discuss things that their dads talk about. Things can range from talking about a player that they dislike out of the public eye to secret relationships. 

    The show could use a great deal of censorship especially if it chooses to star Rex Ryan's children as the stars of the first few episodes. Rex Ryan has emerged as one of the biggest potty mouths in the NFL with the hit HBO show Hard Knocks.

    It seems like an interesting concept, as the kids could reveal things that parents wouldn't want to hear. The only problem is getting the kids in front of the camera.

Manny Ramirez

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    Title: Manny Being Manny

    Things just got a whole lot better with Manny Ramirez as he makes his way from Dodgertown to the Windy City. Bleacher Report's Matt King has previously said that Manny Ramirez deserves to have his own show. No other title is better than "Manny Being Manny". A show devoted to the zany antics of one of baseball's oddest characters would be amazing. 

    Cameo appearances by Ozzie Guillen would be great for the show. Manny Ramirez could stand in front of a white screen and he would make things interesting. Give him a green screen and you have an Oscar award winning actor. 

    If there is a casting director out there, THIS IS YOUR STAR!

Paulie Malignaggi

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    Title: Jersey Shore

    Paulie Malignaggi is one of those athletes that talks a bunch of smack before fights. He's a Brooklyn native that appears and acts like one of the world's top guidos. He would be a perfect fit on the show Jersey Shore where he would join some of the most popular guidos in the world. 

    There have been episodes where Ronnie takes down a person with one punch. Now picture Malignaggi taking a person down with less than that. A bar fight episode would bring ratings soaring through the roof, but a raunchy relationship with Snookie would be just as good. 

    Simply put, Malignaggi has gone twelve rounds with Miguel Cotto. A bunch of other tanned and gelled stars would probably put up a better fight on cable television. 

Charles Barkley

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    Title: Halftime, All The Time With Sir Charles Barkley

    Doesn't Charles Barkley crack you up at halftime of an NBA game on TNT? Well imagine an hour-long show chronicling everything going on in the life of Charles Barkley. 

    The plot? No plot. Just like the things Barkley says live, there is no script as to what he is going to say next. 

    100% guarantee that ratings will be soaring through the roof. Who can resist the opening theme, a rap by Charles Barkley himself? Sounds amazing!

Mike Tyson

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    Title: The Mike Tyson Show

    Someone please give this man his own show. He recently joined the Twitter world and anything that he tweets is interesting. He is worth having his tweets sent as text messages to your phone. He was comedy gold in The Hangover. 

    The Mike Tyson Show would have him going places for no reason what so ever yet he would make it interesting. Boxing matches here and there would have the audience going crazy.