Enough Is Enough: Oklahoma Dismisses Prized Recruit Jarboe

Lee B.Correspondent IAugust 6, 2008

One of Oklahoma's prized recruits, wide receiver Josh Jarboe, was dismissed from the team on Friday due to his controversial rap which appeared on youtube.

In his rap, Jarboe speaks of guns and murder, in addition to using derogatory terms for women and African-Americans.

This controversial video was certainly not the first time Jarboe has acted up. When he came to the University of Oklahoma, he was already on 2 years probation and serving 80 hours of community service for receiving stolen property and bringing a gun to his high school near Atlanta.

There are certainly a number of players in college and pro football who have had some sort of legal troubles and character issues, but this case is especially bad; Jarboe had character issues in high school. Anyone who brings a loaded gun on a school campus obviously has some sort of bad intention, and regardless of football skills, should probably be locked up, or at least more severely disciplined.

Jarboe's top 10 recruiting status means nothing now, since he won't be playing for the Sooners this season, and due to all the baggage he will bring with him, the odds seem less likely that he is going to get to play anywhere.

There comes a point at which enough becomes enough, and for star recruit Josh Jarboe, that point was reached before he even began.

Here is a link to Jarboe's controversial rap: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3HMr4Oxjsc