900th Raw: An Aftermath - Stay Tuned As WWE Gears Up for a Grand Spectacle

ChinmaySenior Analyst IIAugust 31, 2010


Raw’s 900th episode has promised a lot for future. In the short run, this show might come as an average show. However, look at the bigger picture. Big things are cooking and hell yeah we can smell it.

I will not review matches here. Neither will I cherish the prospects for Alberto Del Rio and Danielson. These two guys are now bound to have a nice future.

I want to concentrate on ‘Bigger Picture’ that will either be an epic failure or a grand spectacle.  Booking has been the most curious point of interest in this episode.

There was one thing that stood out in this 900th episode, The Nexus.

It is not every day you will see the three biggest stars of WWE, Randy Orton, John Cena and the Undertaker dominated by anybody. Forget three of them at one show, even individually, it seldom happens.

WWE has solidified Nexus by allowing them to gain an upper hand on these three mega-stars. Wade Barret, Justin Gabriel had a night for their lifetime. Heath Slater is also given an opportunity make him a legit threat.

Heat for Nexus is only the half part of what may turn out to be the biggest angle in years. Kane and Nexus together is something highly curious but at the same time most logical.  

The question stems, was it a sheer co-incidence that Nexus went berserk on Raw and Kane took out The Undertaker at virtually the same time? Why the Two faces of both the brands were targeted? Why was ascension of Kane at the top of Smackdown accompanied by the prominence for nexus on raw?

The way I see it, it was not the co-incidence. Art of build up might well be reborn in WWE. When Wade Barret kept saying, their ruckus is a part of bigger picture; nobody knew what it would be. All we did was wondering about why the heck Nexus has forgotten about Smackdown if they look at the bigger picture.

As it becomes apparent that Kane and Nexus are in cahoots, mist is weathering. A mastermind of nexus was already sitting on the thrown of Smackdown. Yes, I believe Kane is the person behind Nexus. It makes the sense for various reasons.

All NXT rookies were furious because of the treatment they received on NXT. They wanted the world to take their notice. They wanted respect. Kane also wanted respect. He had been a part of some of the most shameful angles in history. He was the most unjustified person on the roster, who never got the due he deserved. From the big red monster, he became the big red jobber. All he needed was stimulus to run wild. So the choice does not seem illogical.

Secondly, Kane was the first vet who picked up a bone with Nexus during NXT. So he was the person who could have identified the potential of NXT rookies as a group. I cannot believe, but there seems to be some continuity here in WWE.

Thirdly, Kane has never been able to take the Undertaker out on his own, never. Even with a broken orbital bone taker is formidable key-fabe foe. Therefore, Nexus might have helped Kane there. The only flaw that I see is did Taker not see these nexus babies when they helped Kane out. Nevertheless, I am sure this is a minor glitch. If WWE goes on in the direction discussed here, they can offer 1000 explanations for this flaw.

The last point is an arrow in darkness. I am not sure on this one. Hope is the only thing that compels me to think this way. The Rock’s possible return gels very well here. Apparently, Rock had said that he would be back in a major angle. If in any case Rock comes back, I have always been sure he will be Face. For ‘Face’ Rock it is damn easy to be inserted in this angle.

Rock is the second last puzzle of this angle. The last piece is the GM. GM is sure to be a mega heel from what we have seen. It might be HHH or somebody else.

As of now what we have is, GM, Kane and Nexus in heel faction and Cena, Taker for faces. One face slot is free which in my mind is kept for The Rock.

Now when these things will get clear is a big question. I suppose Bragging Rights will the opening ceremony of this spectacle with survivor series being the crescendo. Survivor Series is a tailor made platform for such an Angle.

Now in the conclusion, I have only one thing to say. All we need is a bit of patience. There was a time when WWE took months to create a storyline. Kane vs The Undertaker initial feud is one such example. We however belong to a generation, who claims refund if pizza is not home-delivered in 20 minutes. That is why we have been whining about the mystery of GM and lack of bigger picture. All I can say is to wait for a while. I might be wrong here but it is not wrong to an optimist.

Thanks for reading, let me know if you agree or if you think am totally off the hook here.