WWE 900th Episode: False Advertising & Disappointment

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WWE 900th Episode: False Advertising & Disappointment

Okay, I'll admit, when I first heard about the 900th episode of Raw, I was at least a little excited. I was prepared for big surprises, big matches, I was expecting a big celebration bash! What I got, was just a normal episode. Actually a bad normal episode. When I first saw the advertisement for the event, it explained the returns of certain alumni superstars. All we got was the MENTION of alumni superstars, like Stone Cold, The Rock, Mankind, Brock Lesner, Kurt Angle etc. That's right, only MENTIONS. They teased Austin when CM Punk was running his mouth about him and The Rock (the way he was hyping the crowd about The Rock, I was certain he would appear). Anyway, when CM Punk was done doing his fantastic promo, we here the famous glass break, and then Stone Cold's music begins to play, but, no Stone Cold. It was just a sick joke made by Punk. And when he told the audience that he found it so amusing how they were disappointed, I didn't think it was Punk talking to the audience, I thought it was the creative team talking to the audience. Then comes the Big Show's music, and when it seemed he wasn't gonna come out (I could have cared less) out he comes, and heads to the ring with a microphone. So yeah, Big Show does a pretty good Hulk Hogan impression, slaps CM Punk, the end. I could literally here the audience's disappointment. So yeah, the rest of the night was teased with old videos, but no one from the videos actually made an appearance. Then the rest of the night featured normal matches from normal superstars with nothing that made me think this was a special episode. The only really good thing was The Nexus decimation over The Undertaker, with interference from Kane, I thought was a perfect way to continue the Kane/Undertake episode. The last match was the highly promoted (but not highly anticipated) 5 on 5 tag team match. Jericho and Edge purposely eliminated themselves, with Sheamus being eliminated next, then Cena (which was another good thing of the night), and then Orton with 2 quick eliminations, and was then unsurprisingly eliminated by Barret. THE END. All I have to say is, it is time for mister Vincent to fire his careless creative team. 


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