WWE's Newest Diva: Is A "BIG" Change Coming To The Women's Division?

The SpikeContributor IAugust 30, 2010

Hello readers, I was just rambling through the interwebs earlier today when I came across a news article from some wrestling site.

It said that WWE had signed a new female wrestler to the roster (Or is really close to a deal). Now at first, I said to myself, "Great, another chick who has more implants then ring skill coming into the company just to look good and not actually wrestle."

But then, I read the article, and I saw that this is no ordinary woman. Oh no my friends, this is a 6 foot 9 inch tall GIANT Diva! The first thought that entered my head was, "Holy cheese and crackers, this could be a start of something good for the women's division!"

And maybe, just maybe, it is...

Female independent wrestler Isis The Amazon (Oh it's funny because she's tall, and strong, like an Amazon....Oh...) has been highly rumored to be signed to a developmental deal with World Wrestling Entertainment. If she is signed, she'll become the largest woman in WWE History. After I thought about this, I kept thinking why WWE hasn't done this sooner when Awesome Kong was a free agent! She would have made a perfect spot on the roster. Believe me, the woman can move... Now with this new girl, I'm thinking that maybe WWE can make something good to happen here like they could have done with Kong. Hell, maybe even better.

But if I was the one who was in charge of pushing her to the main roster, I'd probably put here with LayCool on Smackdown as a bodyguard type figure. Later on, LayCool disbands, and Isis comes out just dominating left and right on Smackdown until the draft. She goes to RAW and just kicks ass. She'd be the Awesome Kong of WWE, and I'd be down with that. But nobody's unstoppable, so since Gail Kim isn't doing anything (What the hell WWE!?!?), she would be the one to stop her...

But that's enough daydreaming for me today guys. In conclusion, Isis The Amazon (Or whatever her name is)could be a big (No pun intended) player for the future and could make the women's division entertaining again. Maybe then the IWC would stop giving the women's bouts the title 'bathroom break matches'.

So what's your take on this girl? Is she worth hiring or is she a no go?

Bring on the feedback!


UPDATE: Isis made her on-screen appearance on WWE's NXT this past Tuesday. She's gonna be a rookie on Season 3 which is a Divas Exclusive season (Just a quick thought for you guys: Horrible Pros = Horrible Season. Not much more can be said at this point...). Isis is now named Aloisia and her pro is (Insert Sad Face) Vickie Guerrero. I know we don't know anything about most of these girls, but if the IWC wants the Women's division to be 'respectable' again, I think we need someone like Aloisia to shake things up a bit.