"One Hundred Years Of Ice Hockey"

Mitch. Mitchell.Correspondent IAugust 6, 2008

About two months ago I was invited to "Australia's Centenary Year Of Ice Hockey",as a head table guest of some of Australia's "Squaw Valley Ice Hockey Team".

With great honour of course, I did not turn this invitation down,since I still play with one of those "Olympians" in "Australia's Oldtimer's League".

I do imagine a lot of hockey people out there are wondering why anyone would call it "Ice Hockey",..."Hello Don Cherry".

I remember one night many years ago on "Hockey Night In Canada" - "Ron McLean",.made a remark about "Ice Hockey",.."Don",.amazed at the remark,.barked in "Ron's" ear,.....Well,.is there any other kind of hockey?

Well "Don",.yes there is - and that is "Field Hockey",.played and popular in many countries outside of "North America",.so that is why, "Ice Hockey" is emphasized.

Getting back to "Ice Hockey Australia" -they play for the third oldest "Ice Hockey" trophy in the world "The Goodall Cup",.that I am standing next to,. presented for amateur "Ice Hockey" competition in "Australia" by "John Goodall" in 1902.

There are only two other "Hockey Cup's" with more years on the ice than "The Goodall",.yep you are right,."The Stanley Cup" and,.what - you say you are not sure,."The Allen Cup",.supremacy of amateur hockey in "Canada". 

So there you have it,.with,. the "Three Oldest Cups In Ice Hockey".