The Hottest Redheads In Sports

Nathaniel UyFeatured ColumnistSeptember 2, 2010

The Hottest Redheads In Sports

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    Don't you wish Christina Hendricks star of AMC's Mad Men would find her way into the world of sports?  Perhaps she'll get divorced and turn into WAG or even become a player in the Lingerie Football League. 

    That way people on Bleacher Report would find more reasons to talk about her. 

    She's definitely one of the hottest redheads around. But her being a WAG or an athlete is just a pipe dream. 

    Although Christina's not involved in sports, there are plenty of other good-looking redheads that are.

    Here are 20 of the hottest redheads in sports.

20. Rachel Nichols—ESPN Reporter

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    Nichols has been with ESPN since 2004. 

    During that time she's covered the NBA and has been a part of Sunday NFL Countdown and Monday Night Countdown.

    She's the sexy redhead.  Don't say that you haven't noticed her. 

19. Emily Samuelson—Ice Dancer

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    I swear folks, she looks just like Rachel Nichols on ice skates.

    Emily is a 20-year-old figure skater paired with Evan Bates.

    The two competed in the 2010 Winter Olympics and placed 11th.

18. Katherine Reutter—Speed Skater

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    After winning a bronze and a silver medal in the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, this 22-year-old short-track speed skater gained notice.

    Not just for being talented. 

    But also for being a cute redhead. 

17. Sabine Lisicki—Tennis

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    Lisicki has been out of major tennis competitions because of injury.  But she's now recovered and trying to get back in the swing of things.

    At this weeks U.S. Open, she lost to Zvondoreva in straight sets.  It was the third-straight second round exit for Lisicki.

    Not to worry, She's only 22, we'll definitely be seeing more of this strawberry blonde-haired tennis player in the future.

16. Hilary Duff—WAG

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    Duff's changed her hair color so many times that she's been a redhead on at least one occassion.

    After getting married to Mike Comrie this past August, she went to her stylist and added red highlights to her hair.

    That just means she's eligible to be on this list.

15. Candace—Cheerleader

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    When not looking good in a swimsuit, Candace is also a cheerleader for the Sacramento Kings.

    Too bad for her there's been very little reason to cheer for in Sacramento. 

14. Jeannie Buss—Executive

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    Don't forget Jeanie.  One of the most beloved redheads in Los Angeles sports history.

    People in LA love Jeanie because she's a beautiful woman that is passionate about the Lakers. 

    Plus, it wasn't for her who knows if Phil Jackson would still be around.

    No one really cares for her brother Jimmy or Johnny, whatever his name is.

13. Meredith Oden—Cheerleader

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    Here's one Dallas Cowboys cheerleader with fiery locks.

    But Meredith admits that she needs to provide her hair with quite a bit of maintenance, so her hair can maintain that redness.

    Don't worry Meredith, I'm sure Cowboys fans appreciate all your hard work!

12. Erica Jenkins—Cheerleader

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    Erica over here, is a natural redhead.

    Both Meredith and Erica cheered together for Cowboys.

    Making two, you heard me, two firecrotch cheerleaders on the same squad!

    Now, that doesn't happen very often.

11. Brittney Stephens—Cheerleader

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    What's a discussion about cheerleaders, if there's no mention about the Laker Girls.

    Here's Brittney.

    As the lone redhead on the Laker Girls last season, she definitely stands out.  Brittney and the rest of the girls helped cheer the Lakers to a second consecutive NBA title.

    Good news, she'll be returning to the squad for the 2010-2011 season.

10. Christy Hemme—Wrestler

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    Christy's been a model, singer, dancer and a WWE wrestler.

    To recap, she can sing, dance and beat you up while looking good doing it.

    Oh ya, she also rides a Harley.

9. Jennifer—Cheerleader

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    And last of the cheerleader is Jennifer.  She's definitely a head-turner.

    I know.  It's hard to focus.  Or, actually it's hard to figure out where to focus.

8. Fabiana Semprebom—WAG

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    Fabiana is a Brazilian model engaged to retired tennis player Guillermo Cañas.

    Cañas topped out no. 8 in world tennis rankings during his career.  He also made news after being busted for doping a few years back.

    Now he's known for being the lucky guy that's engaged to her.

7. Oksana Andersson—WAG

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    She's 24-years-old and has been a WAG and a reality-TV contestant.

    As a WAG, she dated soccer player Christian Wilhelmsson, midfielder for Al-Hilal.

    And as a reality show contestant, she's gotten herself kicked off in the first week of Sweden's Paradise Hotel.

    Must be that hot redheaded temper.

6. Angelica Bridges—WAG and Lingerie Football Player

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    This beautiful Baywatch actress and model is married to Edmonton Oilers defenseman Sheldon Souray.

    She's also the lead singer for the band Strawberry Blonde.

    And according to reports of Las Vegas, Bridges just made the cut to become a member of the yet-to-be-named Las Vegas Lingerie Football League team.

5. Tanith Belbin—Ice Dancer

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    Tanith a silver medalist in the 2006 Olympics, as you may know, was already hot as a natural blonde. 

    Yet, she decided to go darker with her locks.

    With this hair color, her hair is almost auburn.  And she still looks great, don't you think?

    Here's my take: There's really not much she can do wrong.  Her hair looks good, red, brown or blonde. 

4. The Longhorn Girl—Sports Fan

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    While covering a Kansas vs. Texas game on ESPN, cameras caught this redheaded beauty taking in the action.

    Longhorn boards on the Internet went nuts over this sports fan. 

    She was described by one fan forum as a bustier version of Nicole Kidman.

4. The Longhorn Girl—A Model

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    In fact, sports nerds launched an effort to find out more about this mysterious hottie.

    And they succeeded.  The stalkers found her Facebook, Twitter and model pages.

    The search also netted this photo. 

    Someone please fulfill her dreams of becoming a model.

3. Kate Mara—New York Giants

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    Kate's made a name for herself in Hollywood. 

    She's starred in Brokeback Mountain, been on TV's 24 and even Entourage.

    But before she became famous, Kate spent her childhood watching New York Giants home games with her family.


    The Maras own the team.

    Oh and she's also the great-grandaughter of Art Rooney, founder of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

2. Kendra Andrews—Erins Sister

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    That's right folks, Erin Andrews has a younger sister.

    Kendra is a dancer with a big-screen gig on the movie Step Up 3D.

    Now, those are two very good looking sisters.

1. Cheryl Cole—WAG

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    Cheryl is the now ex-wife of Ashley Cole, star player for Chelsea and England.

    She's been an actress, model, and pop-star with the group Girls Aloud.

    I don't really know what Ashley was thinking cheating on her.  But he's a damn fool for fooling around when she's so damn hot.