Elin Nordegren: What We Learned from her People Magazine Interview

Bailey BrautiganFeatured ColumnistAugust 30, 2010

Elin Nordegren: What We Learned from her People Magazine Interview

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    Tiger Woods' divorce from Swedish beauty, Elin Nordegren, is now final, and Elin decided to give her first (and supposedly only) statement on the matter to People magazine.

    According to Elin, she only wanted to tell her side of the story, and she has no desire to live her life in the public eye.

    So she sat down with People magazine for several hours in order to clear up a few rumors and perhaps get some closure.

    Don't read People magazine? No problem!

    Here is Elin Nordegren's interview in a nutshell.

Elin is in School

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    Determined to be her own person, Elin has been studying psychology. She actually had a final exam to study for right after she completed her interview with People.

She didn't Hit Tiger!

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    Even though Elin found the Saturday Night Live and South Park episodes portraying her were "pretty hysterical," the main motivation for her interview was to set the record straight about alleged violence surrounding the Thanksgiving incident.

    "The speculation that I would have used a golf club to hit him is just truly ridiculous."

    Elin said that there has never been violence in her family and that she was simply trying to do everything she could to get Tiger out of the locked car after his accident.

She's Not a Very Good Model

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    Elin said that she did some modeling when she was younger, but she was never very good at it. She said that she had no intention of pursuing a career in modeling.

    Sure, Elin. These pictures look pretty good to us.

She Dreamed of Becoming a Pro Soccer Player or Journalist

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    Growing up in Sweden, Nordegren was an avid soccer player, and her father was a journalist. She always loved sports, and (like her father) she was gifted at writing.

    She moved to the United States after gymnasiet (high school) in order to nanny for Jesper and Mia Parnevik and learn another language before continuing her studies (something that many people in Europe do).

    This is when she met Tiger.

She Wasn't Interested in Tiger at First

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    Elin met Tiger when she was traveling the PGA tour with Mia and Jesper, and she had some preconceptions about celebrities. She agreed to date Tiger after being convinced that they had "a lot in common," and she said that she fell for him because they "had a lot of fun together."


She Has a Twin!

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    Ok guys. Snap out of it.

She had no Idea that Tiger was Cheating

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    Elin maintains that she was completely blindsided by Tiger's betrayal. She said that when she first learned of his infidelity, she was in a state of "absolute shock and disbelief."

    Nordegren shared that she felt stupid as time went by and more information came out. "How could I not have known anything?"

She Says Her Children Get Her Through the Day

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    Elin admits that she is completely heartbroken, but she says that simply having her children around her has been a blessing. She knows that even though her children are so young, they still feel that something is going on.

    "Just having them around, hugging me, kissing me, gives me the strength to get through every day."

She will Remain in Florida

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    Elin says that she and her children are both American and Swedish citizens, so although they will keep their home in Florida, they will also be traveling to Sweden quite a bit.

    This way, the children will still be close to their father while experiencing Swedish culture and having a close relationship with their grandparents and the rest of the Swedish family.

She has No Regrets!

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    After all that has happened, Elin says that she feels stronger than she ever has. She has two beautiful children, and she is an American.

    She admits that she still has some healing to do, but she is excited to start the next chapter of her life.

    Good for you, Elin!