PNC Park vs. Citizen's Bank Park

Will DunnCorrespondent IJune 23, 2007
PNC Park, Pittsburgh
PNC is nothing like that. Even on sellout nights and the like its a completely different crowd. Its friendly and care-free. Half the stands are filled with people saying "When will this baseball game end and the fireworks begin?" I HATE that. The baseball game is supposed to entertain you, not some cheesy gimmick.

Its a shame that baseball has become such a charade in Pittsburgh. We know the emotion and pride brought to every Stiller and Penguin game. No one goes to a Pirate game because there is something on the line or because they want to see a great display of baseball. Actually I'm not sure why anyone pays money to go to the ballpark.

I am not trying to attack PNC Park here in any way. Its a wonderful park that all Pittsburghers can be proud to call their own. When it comes down to where I watch a baseball game, however, I choose Citizens Bank Park over it. This could change within 10 years, but right now I'd go there 8 times out of 10. I want to attend games where a buzz fills the stadium. A ballpark where incompetent owners are too afraid to sit among their brethren. A place where other fans feel intimidated to enter. A place where the outcome has an impact for the home team and where you can see players who are the best in the league at their position. I love PNC, but I'll take the ballpark that fields a competitive team and a passionate atmosphere any day.