"Cody", Episode 9, "Love The Way You Lie"

RKO's Priceless Numba1Fan aka Dashing Marina MtzCorrespondent IAugust 30, 2010

Previously on Cody: Cody left Nicole out high and dry the morning after their "date" on Friday. Even though Nicole tried desprately to call Cody, he would not answer or listen to any of her voicemails. Many other Superstars and Divas were meddling in Cody's business which pushed him over the edge. The next morning, Cody recieved a shocking revelation...let's continue where our story left off....

Cody: I can do this. *takes deep breath, takes phone out and dials*

(Ring, Ring, Ring)

Nicole: Hello?

Cody: Um...hi.

Nicole: It's about damn time. After you ignored me and left me in the hotel room, you think I want to talk to you?

Cody: I'm sor...

Nicole: What? You're "sorry"? Well, excuse me for thinking you were a nice guy. Goodbye.

Cody: WAIT! All I want to know is if I used one or not.

Nicole: *laughs* If you were that concerned, you would have called me yesterday.

Cody: Please. Just tell me.

Nicole: Ha, you really want to know?

Cody: Yes...please...

Nicole: No, and let's just say mother nature hasn't gave me a gift yet, even when she said she would give me one yesterday. *hangs up*

Cody: Nicole? No. *breathes silently for a second* NO! *kicks over trash can and puts hand on face*

Even though it was hard to keep back the tears, Cody finally got on the plane to Memphis with a hot, hard lump in his throat. Randy, Ted, and others tried calling him after he landed, but Cody was numb. He couldn't feel anything but that hot lump in his throat. He fidgeted around for a while until someone came up and talked to him.

M.V.P: Hey Cody! Ready for our match tonight? *slaps back*

Cody: Um...ya. Sure. *continues to fidget*

M.V.P: You ok?

Cody: I'm fine. *continues to fidget*

M.V.P: Man, you don't look fine. You look like you about to cry or something.

Cody: I am. Something happened that I wasn't prepared for.

M.V.P: Did somebody die or what?

Cody: No. No no no no no.

M.V.P: What is it?

Cody: You can't tell anybody!

M.V.P: Ok man, I won't.

Cody: Some chick I had this fling with told me that she has Cody Jr. with her.

M.V.P: No way!

Cody: Way.

M.V.P: Dude, I'm sorry.

Cody: *sigh*

After the event ended, Cody tried calling Nicole but no answer. Cody was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Finally, she answered.

Nicole: What do you want?

Cody: I...I...just wanted to tell you...that i'll be there for you.

Nicole: I don't want you to. I can do this on my own. I. DON'T. NEED. YOUR. HELP.

Cody: Please Nicole.

Nicole: Did you even think of how it would make me feel when you left? You couldn't even leave a note or take any of my calls?

Cody just couldn't take anymore and started to breakdown.

Cody: *snifel* I'm sorry. What can I do to make you forgive me?

Nicole: Wow, you're actually crying now? Ha, if you really care, call me tomorrow at 4:00 after I get out of my doctor's appointment. *hangs up*

Cody was in so much pain. He had to tell others. He told Randy and Ted. They offered support just as any good friends would, but seriously c'mon, it's Randy and Ted.

Ted: Congrats Codeman! I should totally call LayCool so they can plan a baby shower and get decorations, and party platters, and...

Randy: Ted!

Ted: Huh? Oh sorry I guess I got carried away.

Randy: Don't call anybody, we don't know anything is for sure.

Cody: *stares blankly*

Randy: *taps shoulder* C'mon Cody, it's not that bad...

Cody: It's not that bad...IT'S NOT THAT BAD?!?!

Ted: Just calm down!


The next day, Cody anxiously waited for 4:00. Time seemed to go by so slow...Cody was jittery, jumpy and very very nervous. Every second felt as if he would pass out, but Dustin (Goldust) kept him composed and conscious. Let's go down and see what's up...

Cody: 4:00!

Dustin: Didn't she say AFTER 4:00?

Cody: IT DOESN'T MATTER! Does it?

Dustin: I don't know. Hell, I don't know anything anymore. *shakes head*

Cody: *fidgets*

Meanwhile, Nicole has just gotten out of her doctor's appointment...let's sneak a peek at what's going on....

Nicole's Mom: Oh honey! I'm so happy!

Nicole: I know, me too.

Nicole's Mom: Imagine what would happen if you were? At least that's another thing not to worry about...you still have your whole life ahead of you!

Nicole: In a way...i'm kind of sad that i'm not...

Mom: W-Wh-What?!

Nicole: I like him. Not because he's famous or anything like that, but he's really nice. I really think you would like him.

Mom: Any guy who leaves my daughter alone in a hotel room doesn't deserve you, sweetie!

Nicole: Oh look, it's him now.

Mom: *groans in disapproval*

Nicole: Hello?

Cody: Nicole! Oh my gosh, i'm so glad that you answered! *breathes fast*

Nicole: Are you hyperventilating?

Cody: Kind of.

Nicole: Well, the doctor said...

Cody: I love you.

Nicole: What?

Cody: I mean it. I really do! And i'll do whatever it takes to provide! I promise! I wanna be with you.

Nicole: Um...well....I love you too! And...uh....I am!

Mom: *epic gasp* Nicole!

Cody: That's great, i'm real happy. I would love to see you. Come tonight?

Nicole: Well, I have a late shift tonight.

Cody: Get somebody to cover it. 

Nicole: Um...ok! But I still have to pack and...

Cody: I'll book the flight for tomarrow at five a.m, ok? Don't keep me waiting.

Nicole: *giggles* Ok, I won't.

Cody: See ya sexy.

Nicole: See ya. *giggles and hangs up*

Mom: Ahem!

Nicole: Ya?

Mom: Why did you lie to him?

Nicole: I don't know. I just....I know he'll move on and leave me behind if I wasn't.  It's the only way to keep him around.

Mom: Nicole, the only thing I can you tell is that if he finds that YOU ARE NOT, it will blow up faster and harder than Iwo Jima!

Nicole: I know, Mom, I know...

So after...Cody went and told Dustin the news...

Cody: Hey! Guess what?

Dustin: She's not pregnant?

Cody: No, but i'm actually feeling kind of happy. I have this weird urge to tell everybody.

Dustin: Watch out cowboy. If Vince or any corpo people hear about this, they'll kill your push faster than you can say "jobber". And...BOOM! Welcome to Superstars.

Cody: Really?

Dustin: Better believe it.

Cody: That's scary. Who can I tell? Randy? Ted?

Dustin: Nobody. Because I know Randy will tell Ted, and Ted will tell the whole damn locker room!

Cody: I can't keep this bottled up! I need to tell somebody!

Dustin: Well, you can tell Randy. BUT HE CAN'T TELL TED. Got it?

Cody: Yep!

So the next morning, Cody waited at the airport for Nicole to come. He waited and waited, until finally she came, looking better than ever.

Cody: Wow.

Nicole: I'm sorry i'm late. My alarm clock didn't go off and I almost missed the flight! Barely had time to put my makeup on.

Cody: *smiles and scoops her up*

Nicole: Whoa! What are you doing?

Cody: Well, in a couple months, I won't be able to do this...*goes in for a kiss*

Nicole: Ya....right....

Cody: How's does a shopping spree sound today?

Nicole: Oh...that's great....

Cody: Are you ok? You don't sound too excited.

Nicole: I'm just tired....that's all...

Wow! How things change so fast! What will happen next? Will Cody ever find out? Will Goldust ever be taken off Superstars? Find out next time on "Cody"! Stay Tuned!

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