Roger Federer: The Road To Greatness

Monisha DikshitContributor IAugust 29, 2010

This is a poem dedicated to Roger Federer written after he surpassed Pete's record of 14 Grand Slam titles at the All England Club in 2009.

Success comes not to those,who long for it
Neither does it favor those, who seldom feel the pain of heat:
Success-the magical attire, every one craves to wear
The road to success,however, is the path, all fear.

Most of us pine for a well-trodden path
A few dare to go beyond it.
Those who move ahead with the grit to succeed
Are the rare ones to accomplish a staggering feat.

Some people are born to become great;
Others have pleas galore for their fate
Winners trust themselves,no matter wherever they are
Their inner drive spurs them to make each feat stellar.

Failures don't wait for an invitation to be with us;
These are the times for the winners to unveil their genius.
Challenges get tougher as the road goes ahead
Winners storm those with a determined head!

Luck tends to favor those who rarely depend on it
This makes the champions the men to beat.
They dare to grab the luck present there
Rest of the field stares in amazement and despair.

The exultant and the glorious are definitely no cyborgs;
Nor do they descend from any far away planet.
The commitment comes from within;
Neither do they lose cool, nor do they fret.

Success is not how high you rise,
But how high you bounce back after hitting the lows
It's all about determination, willpower and positive outlook
which dive them deep deep into the history book.

For someone considered the "greatest-ever"
what more can be said about his grace and elegant demeanour
For someone who is "Still the one", "still the man to beat"
Words fall short to express such an incredible feat.

For someone with such a beautiful yet devastating game,
Hats off to him for reaching the pinnacle of fame.
For someone hailed as the "Ambassador of Sportsmanship"
The most adept ever born to grace the tennis field.
For someone with such panache and elan
A special tribute to the most fair and true sportsman.