John Cena And The Icons He Is Compared To

Jacob WaringAnalyst IIIAugust 29, 2010

John Cena And The Icons He Is Compared To

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    John Cena is loved by his fans to the point of total worship. He is also hated by many who would probably get an John Cena Voodoo doll to torture him.

    Love him or hate him, everyone seems to compare Cena to a wrestling icon of the past.

    I'll attempt to compare him to Stone Cold, The Rock, Hulk Hogan and Sting. Those four wrestling icons has similarities that make people say, "John Cena is like _____ because...."

    I'll be taking a neutral perspective on the comparisons. In other words, I will not be bashing Cena like he's the incarnation of evil nor will I be worshiping him like he's one of the Greek Gods!

    Sit back, relax and enjoy the compairisons!

Stone Cold Steve Austin

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    Stone Cold is one of those few Wrestlers who say they will kick their opponent's ass and really mean it!

    He's a tough SOB and needless to say he was the most popular wrestler of the Attitude Era and his merchandising was out selling everyone else in WWE at that time.

    John Cena can be the same way as Stone Cold as we seen him with the Nexus and with Sheamus by being pissed off and brutally kicked their asses at times.

    Now when Stone Cold made threats it was believable as he followed through with it a lot of times.

    John Cena on the other hand goes over board by being too intense and at time yelling at the top of his lungs.

    Threats like ripping Sheamus butt and replacing it on his head is not believable as he cannot do that at all.

    One thing that John Cena does better then Stone Cold is in promo skills and I hate to admit that as I am a major fan of Stone Cold.

    John Cena can rap, be funny (when he does do ridiculous jokes) and "I never surrender' promos."

    Stone Cold can is more limited in his promos as he can only be funny, threatening and serious.

The Rock

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    The Rock is the people's champ and John Cena in a way is the new people's champ. They both fought for their fans and they both have catch phrases!

    John Cena says "The Champ is here" and "You can't see me".

    The Rock says "Can you smell that the Rock is Cooking" and "Finally...The Rock...has come back to______"

    They both starred in movies and fans have loved them and hated them. We all know that some fans hate John Cena because he can't wrestle and panders to the kids in the crowd.

    Some fans hate The Rock because he is a sellout as he left WWE for Hollywood.

    They both cut funny promos and can switch gears and be serious as serious can be.

    The Rock is 10,000 times funnier then John Cena and can make the crowd respond to him and get them to chant his name on command.

    John Cena can't out do The Rock in terms of promo skills, but he can show more passion in his promos then The Rock.

Hulk Hogan

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    It seems the most common comparisons is between Hulk Hogan and John Cena.

    They both were the top stars of their generation and both was the ultimate face as they never did anything close to bad. The children loved them and their critics say they both can't wrestle.

    They both were good heels as John Cena was a good heel as a rapper and Hulk Hogan as the member of the NWO.

    It seems that a lot of wrestling fans prefer both John Cena and Hulk Hogan as heels then faces.

    They both have been portrayed as having superhuman strength and surviving impossible odds.

    John Cena is a better wrestler then Hulk Hogan and is better on the mic. He took more beatings then the Hulk Hogan but in that aspect I could be wrong.

    The only big difference is that John Cena has not had a major heel turn at the level of Hulk Hogan when he created the NWO.


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    The two are polar opposites of each other in terms of their gimmick. The Undertaker has more in common with Sting than John Cena has.

    The one major thing that both wrestlers have in common is that they are both very loyal to their employer. John Cena would never quit WWE and Sting would never quit TNA.

    Sting stayed with WCW 'til the day they were bought by WWE. John Cena would do the same for WWE.


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    I believe that the attributes that make people believe that he a carbon copy of any of the icons I've listed are the attributes that would make any wrestler a worldwide name.

    Those attributes are the key ingredients in making a icon. The people who had a hand in creating John Cena character added all the characteristics that made the other icons popular.  

    John Cena himself made that possible as if his heart was not in it then he would not be where he is at today!