From Petr Cech To Jurgen Klinsman: The Most Under-Rated XI

Alex CarpenterContributor IAugust 5, 2008

(1) Cech. Well he is just makes me feel so relaxed when he's between the posts. I just have full confidence in him.

(4) J. Zanneti. He is just so smooth with the ball and I think he has a magnet in his shoes. The best thing is that he grew old but his ability is still the same.

(11) Mihajlovic. World's best free kick taker with the best scoring percentage from free kicks and his corners are deadly. His left golden foot should be taught in schools. He is a legend.

(13) Nesta. In his days with Lazio, he was the best confident defender. A true Captain.

(3) Maldini. In the old days when he was a left back, he could use both feet and his tackles are legendary.

(15) Patrick Berger. He is the reason why I started supporting the Czech Republic. He has a deadly left foot and can pass and runs in addition to vision and physical presence.

It is really rare to find a player like him but he was cursed with the injury curse, otherwise he would've been as big as Nedved in Euro 2004, if not bigger. One of the best players in the world on his day. If only.... IF ONLY he didn't get injured that much.

(18) Stefano Fiore. He is the most under-rated player in the history of Italian football. He didn't get his chance in the national team. I just wonder why is he playing in Serie B now?? HOW??? His passes and vision are Fabregas-like.

(10) Dragan Stojkovic. - I know he is a Serbian Legend but in other parts of the world no one knows him. He is the reason why I loved football in the first place, when I played the FIRST Winning Eleven video game (Japanese league), he was in the team Grampas which was the team I always chose.

Everything he did I imitated in school. He made me know that football is not about the dribbling tricks, its about everything you do on the field, from passing a simple pass to scoring a goal. His vision is BEYOND any player I know these days. If you don't know him or never watched him play, well you missed a lot.

(7) Tomas Rosicky. My favorite player nowadays, his passing, movement, shooting, shielding the ball, runs with or without the ball, goals, tackles and his HAIR (JK) he reminds me of Stojkovic.

He is the only player (along with Fabregas) that I feel plays from his heart FOR THE TEAM. He doesn't keep the ball for too long, he doesn't juggle the ball he just plays straight PURE CLASS football. (To watch him in action, go to my youtube channel here

(18) Klinsmman. He is a striker that I admire who I think was the best at what he does. I used to like to watch him play.

(20) Bierhoff. I can't imagine Klinsmann playing without Bierhoff. His headers are THE BEST I HAVE EVER SEEN in my life, specially the one he scored against Mexico in the World Cup of 1998. I think his head is made of steel. Wasn't the best with his feet but his head is more than enough.

I choose this team based on players I admire and enjoy watching. And I feel that most of my choices are under-rated players, that's why I didn't choose the players who everybody already knows.

I hope you enjoy this article and I hope you know the players that I mentioned. :P if not, look for them on youtube.

Question: who do u think is under-rated and should be mentioned in my article?