Bleacher Report's New Fantasy Football Game: How to Win

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Bleacher Report's New Fantasy Football Game: How to Win

Recently, Bleacher Report released their new fantasy football game, titled Quick Pick Challenge.

If you, like me, are not a frequent fantasy football player, then the idea of yet another fantasy football league isn't really appealing to you.

Nevertheless, even if QPF doesn't attract you, the prizes will. Let me break it down:

  • At the end of every week, the player with the most total Fantasy Football points gets a free jersey. Not just a random promo jersey- you get to pick any jersey you want, from any team you want. I haven't scored a Johnny Knox jersey yet, so this is a pretty good offer for me.
  • Whoever has the most FFP at the end of the season gets two free tickets to Superbowl XLV in Dallas. Even if you don't care about the Big Game, the worst seats in the house can sell for as much as 500 dollars each. And knowing Bleacher Report, they won't be terrible seats.
  • Entering is absolutely free. No hidden fees, no constant spam sent to your email, just free prizes.

So just suck it up, sign up, and win a free jersey!

I guess you didn't read this just to hear me advertise. So I'm going to get on with it.

Now, this isn't your average fantasy game. You pick a five team roster (A quarterback, runningback, wide receiver, tight end, and team) and it changes every single week.

So, here's a few notes on how you can get started:

  • Pick the Top 17 Fantasy Players, and find the weakest defense that they're playing. Or, when picking a team, find the worst overall team that they're playing.
  • IMPORTANT—Make sure that they aren't turnover prone. Turnovers take big chunks out of your fantasy points. Well, except defensive turnovers...those are good.
  • There are some situations when a player would perform well, even when they're playing a good defense. For example, whenever Calvin Johnson is triple teamed, Stafford usually targets a wide open Brandon Pettigrew.
  • Remember: Even if stat wise you're the best player in the NFL, that's not the same as having the most fantasy points. Fantasy points are completely different than just total stats. If you're having trouble, just look up a fantasy point spreadsheet.

And now, an in depth look on each position, and how to choose them.


Quarterbacks are one of the easiest positions to pick. All you need to do is find a great quarterback, look at their schedule, and find the worst defensive team in their schedule.

Interceptions don't cost too many fantasy points, and whatever interceptions they do throw are usually overwhelmed by the points they get for touchdowns. But yeah, make sure your quarterback isn't facing a defense known for their turnovers.


In week 1, Jay Cutler is facing 2009's worst pass defense, the Detroit Lions. Although Cutler is the most turnover-prone quarterback in the league, he has a career passer rating of 112.2 against the Lions and has never thrown a single interception against them.

That includes their last meeting, where he passed for four touchdowns and had a 122 passer rating.

Running back

Running backs are a similar in some ways to quarterbacks when it comes to picking them. Just pick a great running back, with a run-crazy offensive coordinator, and put them against a terrible rush defense.

However, fantasy points depend much less on touchdowns, and much more on turnovers and rushing yards. You absolutely MUST make sure that your running back isn't a fumbler.

You should also make sure that they have a good offensive line, because after all, a good runningback alone won't get you too many fantasy points.


I know it's a little early, but you should seriously consider using Chris Johnson in week 1.

The Tennessee Titans had the number two offensive line and the second most rushing yards in the league last year.

But they've only gotten better.

Johnson, considered by many to be the best halfback in the league, rushed for over 2,000 yards last season, becoming only the sixth to do so.

Topped off with that is the fact they're against the Oakland Raiders, who were 29th in rush defense. And we all know how much the Titans love a terrible rush defense.

Since the Titans are one of the most run-dominant teams in the league, Johnson will thrive in week 1, possibly having his best game of the year.

Wide Receiver

Wide Receivers are a little harder to pick. Even if on the depth chart you're the No. 1 receiver, that doesn't mean you're the quarterback's favorite target.

No. 1 receivers are usually picked by the coaches, meaning that there's not a high chance that a quarterback's favorite target will be first on the depth chart.

Study their quarterback, see who he targets the most, and if it's a notable fantasy receiver, pick him.

While we're on the subject, make sure you at least have a decent quarterback. It doesn't matter if they're one of the greatest receivers of all time. If they don't have a good quarterback passing to them, then they can't do anything.


Give Bernard Berrian a chance. The Vikings are facing the Saints in week 1—a great overall team with a terrible pass defense.

Berrian remains the only reliable target on the once-elite Vikings receiving corps. Rice is out for half of the season, and Harvin is suffering from constant migraine attacks, leaving Berrian Favre's best target.

Since we all know that the Saints-Vikings games are just a contest of "who can score the most touchdowns in 60 minutes", expect Berrian to perform excellent as a week 1 starter, quite possible making two or more touchdown grabs.

Tight End

Tight ends are very hard to pick out, because even if you have an All-Pro, the quarterback may prefer to target his receivers.

But if you're on a team like the Bears, where a tight end is the only good receiver you have, then there's a good chance the he will be targeted.

But if you're on a team like the Indianapolis Colts, even though you have Dallas Clark as a receiver, you already have Reggie Wayne, Pierre Garçon, and Anthony Gonzales, so it's unknown who you will target.


I really don't know. Like I said, Greg Olsen from the Chicago Bears is one of Cutler's only targets, so you can give him a try.

He's also facing the ever-so-awful Detroit Lions, so you can expect him to rack up 70-100 yards receiving and at least one touchdown.

Speaking of the Lions, Matthew Stafford likes to target Brandon Pettigrew whenever Calvin Johnson's being double/triple teamed, but like I've said 1000 times, the game will probably just be a blowout.

You might want to pick an All-Pro tight end, like Tony Gonzales, but you also might prefer to wait until they're facing a weaker team. Remember, you only get one game with each player, so make sure it's their best game of the season.


This isn't your average fantasy football game. With normal fantasy football games, the only part of the team you have to worry about is their defense. With this game, you have to focus on offense and defense.

This is probably the hardest position to pick, only because you have to study every single aspect of not the team you're picking, but also the team you're playing.

Make sure the team they're playing is out matched in every single aspect of the game. Interceptions, fumbles, touchdown passes, touchdown runs, receiving get the point.


There's really nobody that is a surefire blowout. Any team that's facing an awful team is an awful team themselves.

And there can't be any even matches. It has to be a surefire blowout.

The team with the highest chance of being a blowout is the Bears-Lions game. I mean, I know this sounds kind of biased, but the Bears swept the Lions last year, and the Lions haven't gotten much better this year.

Although it's usually a close contest in the first half of Bears/Lions games, the Bears let their defense run loose in the second half, leading to those Lions humiliation games that we've grown to love.

The only exception to the fact that "All terrible teams are facing another terrible team" is the San Diego Chargers. But the Chargers are famous for their slow starts. So choose at your own risk.

Well, I hope you found this list helpful. It's merely a coincidence that most of the players featured are in NFC North. I analyzed all of the top players at the position.

That's it for me. Good luck to all of those fantasy players. And those who aren't even considering playing the new Fantasy Football Game, sorry for wasting your time.

©2010 by Dmitri Duggan. Do not repost without giving distinctive credit to Dmitri Duggan.

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