Top Four Most Overrated Wrestlers Now

Matt OffermannCorrespondent IAugust 29, 2010

Ok I have been thinking about this a lot lately the number one on this list I have had in my list since the day I heard his name. The guys on this list have no purpose being where they are or being so hyped up.

4. Alberto Del Rio- Now I put Del Rio on here for a few reasons. Yes he had a good match against Mysterio and ya he probably will go on a little undefeated streak. He reminds me of Muhammad Hassan. A good wrestler, but bad gimmick in bad times (especially for him) will probably be the same result.

3. Michael Tarver- Just the fact that this dude even is on the nexus is beyond me. There's nothing there. No mic skills, and wow he rolled up Daniel Bryan while he was distracted for a win. My vote for next Nexus member gone is him, even though he should have gone first, and don’t even get me started on that fruity mask thing.

2. R-Truth- This guy is about as crappy as his singing. He was very lucky that John Cena happened to walk by that vending machine looking for someone else to throw together for team WWE. Lucky break, but now its back to suckville.

1. Daniel Bryan- What exactly did this guy do to make himself so over hyped? Did I miss an episode of Raw where he beat the entire roster? The thing that is funny is reading a lot of peoples Road to Wrestlemania and the whole “Create your own" stuff is that in the majority HE HAS A TITLE. I just want to know why. How can someone just walk in to a main event at Summer Slam, eliminate (ok I can’t remember how many exactly it was) two guys and the next week be the new Hulk Hogan? Now if I am missing something and he really is this “wrestling god" in the form of a college nerd then please tell me.