The Best Of Both Worlds: Why TNA And WWE Should Cut a Deal

Matt OffermannCorrespondent IAugust 29, 2010

 I know this title goes against everything holy in the business and has as Vince's song would put it “no chance in hell" of happening I think a lot of good could come from the WWE and TNA making some sort of agreement.

                                            New and Old Rival Opportunities

  Now I am not saying an invasion should happen but if you think about what this could mean money wise and fan wise it would be ridiculous. Imagine seeing A.J. Styles on WWE or John Cena on TNA. Now those two switching brands, probably not going to happen but a lot of others could. Like the tag-teams in TNA are so strong right now and the WWE's is weak. A trade could be made to make it strong again. As well as other championship opportunities that could flourish.

                                                 Going Back To Old Names

  Now I don’t know about you guys but whenever I watch TNA and see an old WWE wrestler that I used to know and look at what they’re called now I just laugh. The names they come up with are ridiculous. Yes, there are a few that we all know by name and still have their name but still. I hate talking to my friends and them asking me, "Hey did you see what team 3-d did last night"? Only to me replying who? Then them referring to the Dudley Boys and I go  oooo ya. I mean how do you go from Mr. Kennedy to Mr. Anderson? I know for the most part it is not a big deal and it might just be my OCD that kicks in when I have to ask Who every time they are brought up but it would help out and make it easier both ways.

                                          Cross Brand Matches

    Now of course this may very well end up being something of an invasion but if they played their cards right it could also end up great for both teams. Just like this past Raw when Lay-Cool of Smack down came on to challenge Melina. Imagine watching TNA and right in the middle of someone cutting a promo you hear your favorite WWE star's music hit. Of course this would have to be made so that no titles would transfer brands but they could write it off that way.

                                             Pay-Per Views

   The PPV's on WWE have always been kind of predictable. One guy faces another guy for four weeks straight and at the PPV they fight in tables or ladders or some other kind of special match, WOW real shocker. With this it could be made different. For Example, if let’s say Orton gets a feud going with Styles and the Hart Dynasty gets into one with the Motor City Machine Guns. They could simply have one on WWE PPV and the other on TNA PPV so it’s not exactly one sided.


     Ok now suppose you don’t watch TNA only WWE. Can you honestly say that if you’re favorite superstar was to say “Ill be on TNA next week to take out so-and-so" that you wouldn't watch TNA if not just for that one match? A lot of fans that watch only one brand could be connected to both and probably end up watching both from then on out.

                               Finally being able to say WWE or TNA

  I have heard this only once but when Christian went to TNA I remember him saying something about the reason why he left, he never said the name or anything just that he was offered a good amount of money to stay right where he was. Yes, most of the people in the world knew where he was from but why go through the hassle of them walking out to the ring thinking   DONT SAY WWE DONT SAY WWE DONT SAY WWE. It seems stupid to me. Again probably not a big deal to most people but it does annoy some.

      So these are a few of many reasons why WWE and TNA should make some kind of deal. Will it happen? No, but there would be extreme money to be made there.