Monty Meza Clay Delievers Fireworks During the Rumble at the River

Tyler CurtisAnalyst IAugust 29, 2010

Photos courtesy of Brandon Curtis
Photos courtesy of Brandon Curtis

Monty Meza Clay and Allen Litzau promised fireworks at last night's weigh-in and they delivered at the Rumble on the River in Pittsburgh.

It was the perfect backdrop for the first-ever card at The Rivers Casino. There was perfect weather, a packed house, and even some boats on hand to watch the fights.

Both fighters were coming off consecutive losses and were looking to get back into the win column and make a run at a title in the 130-pound weight division.

Meza Clay got the crowd going before he came down by doing shadowboxing in front of a big glass overlook. With the crowd excited and ready to go, the fight got under way.

Litzau opened the action by landing three soft jabs, but Meza Clay took control of the round by landing the harder shots and going to the body often.

Meza Clay landed a good left to the body and jumped on Litzau with a good combination. Meza Clay then ended the round by hurting Litzau badly with a left hook.

Meza Clay jumped on Litzau early in the second and landed a big combo. He was still focusing on the body and was establishing the jab as he wanted.

He also worked on keeping his hands up so he could get his punches there faster and sharper. Trainer Tom Yankello said, “He was landing shorter sharper punches tonight.”

“I got the jab where I wanted to and it helped me set up my right hand all night long, I also worked on keeping my hands up. The fastest way to get from point a to point b is a straight line," Meza Clay said.

Meza Clay then hurt Litzau again with a good combo that started with a big left hand.

Litzau responded with a big, clean punch and the two fighters had a good exchange in the middle of the ring. Right as the bell sounded, Meza Clays landed a left-right-left combination and put Litzau down.

Litzau came out fighting in the third and landed a good right hand to open the round. Meza Clay kept up his good body work and a clash of heads momentarily stopped the action.

Meza Clay then landed a good left to the body and followed it up with a nice right to the head. He jumped on him with more combinations and Litzau took a knee after another big right hand.

Litzau got up and gave it another go, but was hurt again by a big overhand right and was trapped on the ropes. The fight was stopped after the doctor stepped in on the corner's advice.

Meza Clay was the winner by TKO in Round 3 with 13 seconds left. Meza Clay said the crowd meant everything to him.

“It was a perfect setting to come back to, I am really thankful to the city of Pittsburgh. It affected my nerves a little but I knew there was no way out and I said to myself, hold up you, what you nervous about you been doin' this forever.”

He also said that he had the monster feeling back and wasn’t going to be stopped. “I wasn’t going to be stopped in the ring tonight. I asked God to help me through this and he did, nothing was stopping me not even a truck.”

When asked how long it was going to be before he got back in the ring, he said he was ready to get back in the ring immediately.

Again, Monty Meza Clay triumphs in front of his home fans in the first-ever boxing card at The Rivers Casino via TKO 3.