Raiders Still Have Areas To Fix!

GoldieContributor IIAugust 28, 2010

CHICAGO - AUGUST 21: Mario Henderson #75 of the Oakland Raiders watches as his teammates take on  the Chicago Bears during a preseason game at Soldier Field on August 21, 2010 in Chicago, Illinois. The Raiders defeated the Bears 32-17. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

This is more of a short rant than an article.

I can't watch the game here in Tennessee but I'm listening to it. Much to my surprise and dismay, our new QB, Jason Campbell got sacked so hard by Travis Laboy that he had to be carted of the field. This was the 2nd sack given up in the second quarter by our O-Line. The good thing is that Jason only got a "stinger" so he should be ok in a few days. The 49ers defense is the toughest that we have faced so far and the O-line is not up to the task.  They can't get any push to make holes for our Running Backs and they suck at protecting the QB.

On another note, eventhough our defense has been improved, we still have faultered in giving up big plays. (mostly when Richard Seymour isnt playing). In 2 straight weeks we have given up runs over 50 yards. We still have moves to make on the O-Line before we can truly be a good team.