NBA MVP Top 10: Updated Weekly

Byron MotenCorrespondent IDecember 5, 2007

M-V-P!!!,M-V-P!!!, M-V-P!!!!!......New week, new Top 10. A lot of movement from last week too. Let's check out the Top 10 for this week......... 


1. Dwight Howard Team Record 16-6

23.1Pts 15.2Reb 2.9Blks .613FG%

Yep, he's still No. 1....Sorry. He's just so damn dominant and his stats are proving it. They lost 2 in a row(to the Hawks???!!!). But there's nobody who's doing it better in the league than him.

Icons Sports Media2. Kevin Garnett

Team Record 17-2

19.5Pts 10.9Rebs 3.7Asts 1.6Stls 1.8Blks

Yeah, they have 3 of the best players of the league. But he's still the biggest piece of the puzzle. He's toring the younger players and just keeps giving 100% every night. He's bringing it all to the table.

Icon3. Steve Nash

Team Record 16-6 Last Week No. 4

17.6Pts 12.4Asts .511FG% .946FT%

The best point guard in the league has been handing out assists like its the last stat in the world. At least 14asts in 7 straight games.

Icon4. Kobe Bryant

Team Record 12-8 Last Week No.6

27.2Pts 6.1Reb 5.1Asts 2.0Stls

The Lakers have won 3 straight games. The trade talks have died down for now. If they werent, he's still be playing out of his mind like he is now.

5. Chris Paul

Team Record 14-7 Last Week No.8

21.0Pts  9.8Asts 4.0Reb 2.9Stls .917FT%

After having a monster game Fri. vs. the Grizzlies(43pts 9asts), Paul deserves to move up and keep his team winning(3 of their last 4 games).

Icon6. Carlos Boozer

Team Record 13-8 Last Week No.5

25.1Pts 11.4Rebs 3.1Asts .579FG%

His team has been playing like crap(except Deron) losing 3 in a row. Boozer's been carring the load so far, by not having a bad game so far this season.

Icon7. Manu Ginobli

Team Record 17-3 New Entry

21.2Pts 4.9Reb 4.5Asts 1.8Stls

Who needs Tim Duncan? Ginobli has been making opponents pay rotating back into the starting 5.They won 5 straight games because of his out of sight scoring: two 37-point games back-to-back.


8. Paul Pierce

Team Record 17-2 New Entry

20.2Pts 5.4Rebs 5.4Asts 1.7Stls

Yep, there's 2 Celtics in the bunch. Even though KG is the major piece of the puzzle in Beantown. You cant sleep on P-Double. Who leads the team in points, assists, and steals.


9. Allen Iverson

Team Record 13-8 New Entry

25.3Pts 7.5Asts 2.4Stls .464FG%

From one Nugget to another in the top 10. A.I. was on a tear last week: 51 vs. the Lakers, 35 vs. the Mavs, and 23pts vs. the Kings. Winning 2 out the 3 games.


10. Lebron James

Team Record 9-12 Last Week No.3

30.7Pts 7.6Rebs 8.1Asts 1.9Stls 1.5Blks

Damn, they lost 6 in a row. Its sad because he's the "only" option for this team. But, rejoice Cavs fans. He came back last night and the Cavs will move back up just like he will on the rankings.

The Bottom 10:

11. Tracy McGrady-24.6Pts 5.2Rebs 5.5Asts(7)

12. Deron Williams-21.2Pts 3.0Rebs 8.9Asts

13. Baron Davis -23.1Pts 5.2Rebs 8.2Asts

14. Dirk Nowitzki-21.8Pts 8.3Rebs 3.8Asts

15. Carmelo Anthony-24.7Pts 5.2Rebs 4.2Asts(10)

16. Tony Parker-20.6Pts 3.6Rebs 6.9Asts

17. Tim Duncan-17.6Pts 8.9Rebs 2.6Asts(9)

18. Yao Ming-21.5Pts 10.0Rebs 2.2Asts

19. Caron Butler-22.9Pts 6.7Rebs  3.7Asts

20. Stephen Jackson-21.8Pts 4.8Rebs 4.0Asts