John Cena The Greatest Champion Ever? Ranking All 46 WWE World Champions

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John Cena The Greatest Champion Ever? Ranking All 46 WWE World Champions

Due to the surprising success of my Ranking Every WWE Champion In The 21st Century article, I thought I might try to follow that up with another article that ranks Heavyweight Champions.

The only difference is, instead of just focusing on WWE Champions in the 21st Century, I will showcase every champion to hold a Heavyweight Title for the WWE.

I started to work on this piece last week, and it is quite long and packed with WWE history.

As we all know, the highest honor any performer in the WWE can ever achieve, is being given the title World Heavyweight Champion.

Being the World Heavyweight Champion simply means that you are the "top-dog", you are the face of your company, and that you are the best at your craft.

So for this article, I would like to both honor and highlight the history of the "WWE World Championships."

More specifically, highlight EVERY single performer who ever held the World Championship, like I stated above.

The first Heavyweight Championship in WWE history, the WWWF Championship, was founded all the way back in 1963, nearly half a century ago, when the original "Nature Boy" Buddy Rogers became the first ever WWWF Champion.

Since then, the title has went through many transformations and has seen some of the greatest entertainers in pro wrestling history hold it.

Men like; "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, Triple H, Hulk Hogan, Bruno Sammartino, and a short list of others, have held the title.

To this day, the title is going strong with many future WWE Hall Of Famers honoring it.

Throughout the 20th Century, the only Heavyweight Title the WWE had was the WWE Title.

But when 2001 came around, the WWE Championship received a nice "sister" title when the WWF bought out WCW and the WCW Title became official property of the WWE.

Although the list of "WCWWE" Championships is VERY short, it is still apart of WWE history and should be honored.

So I have included the men that held this championship on the slide show.

After Chris Jericho unified the WCW Title and WWE Title, making it the WWE Undisputed Championship, the belt moved over to SmackDown.

We would wait about a year before the WCW Title was brought back to the WWE as the World Heavyweight Championship, becoming the Heavyweight Title on the RAW brand.

The World Heavyweight Championship is now one of the two Heavyweight Titles the WWE has to offer, and I will be honoring the men who held this title in the slide-show also.

All in all, there have been a total of three recognized Heavyweight Titles in WWE history, and I will attempt to rank all 46 Heavyweight Champions in this slide-show.

Just to clear the air before I continue, I don't recognize the "WWECW" Championship as an actually Heavyweight Title, just my personal opinion.

Unlike my previous article, Ranking Every WWE Champions In The 21st Century, for this slide-show, I haven't just taken in account the length of the title reigns.

Criteria In Rankings:

1). Amount Of Heavyweight Reigns

2). Reign Lengths

3). Prestige Of Reigns

4). How many great matches did he give as champion?

If I just went by title reign, I do feel these would be pretty obvious rankings.

So enjoy the slide-show!

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