Dibble Still In the Penalty Box

Steven BielCorrespondent IAugust 28, 2010

Bill Ladson just tweeted that Rob Dibble will not be in the booth for the Nationals today or Sunday. Two things to take from this:

  1. Dibble is clearly in danger of losing his job. If you haven't already, send the good people at MASN a note (and really, in my experience outside of Dibble, they're all pretty good people) encouraging them to keep doing what they're doing and move on from Dibble now. Or Tweet you can tweet it at @MASNSports.
  2. This team really likes to let people twist in the wind before firing them! Jim Bowden, Manny Acta, now Dibs... (and make no mistake, the team is making the call here). I don't know if this is a pattern that Stan Kasten has demonstrated in other jobs, but it's not the cleanest way to do business.

Anyway, I think they're on the right track, so let's not be too critical. Just take a moment and let MASN and the team know that you prefer the Dibble-free broadcasts.